A.M.C. White Mountain 48 - 4,000 Footers of New Hampshire

Welcome to my White Mountain Four-Thousand Footers of New Hampshire blog. All mountains included on the A.M.C 4000-Footer list require a minimum prominence between each peak of at least 200 feet, that is it must rise 200 feet above the low point of its connecting ridge between peaks, which elimintates twenty four 4,000 foot peaks.  Below are links to information and trip reports for each of the 48 - 4,000 footers.  If you have any questions or comments please contact me (Chris) at cdailey@hpearce.com and click here for image gallery

Adams - 5,774Bond - 4,698Bondcliff - 4,265West Bond - 4,540
Cabot - 4,170Cannon - 4,100Carrigain - 4,700Carter Dome - 4,832
Middle Carter - 4,610South Carter - 4,430Eisenhower - 4,780Field - 4,340
Flume - 4,328Galehead - 4,024Garfield - 4500Hale - 4,054
Hancock - 4,420South Hancock - 4,319Isolation - 4,004Jackson - 4,052
Jefferson - 5,712North Kinsman - 4,293South Kinsman - 4,358Lafayette - 5,260
Liberty- 4,459 Lincoln - 5,089Madison - 5,367Moosilauke - 4,802
Monroe - 5,384Moriah - 4,049Osceola - 4,430East Osceola - 4,156
Owl's Head - 4,025Passaconaway - 4,043Pierce - 4,310Tecumseh - 4,003
Tom - 4,051Middle Tripyramid - 4,140North Tripyramid - 4,180N. Twin - 4,761
S. Twin - 4,902Washington - 6,288Waumbek - 4,006Whiteface - 4,020
Wildcat "A" - 4,422Wildcat "D" - 4,050Willey - 4,285Zealand - 4,260


  1. Hi Chris,

    Awsome table! Which of the 48 has been your favorite peak?

  2. Thanks Grant

    I would say my favorite would probably be Bondcliff on a clear day, although I love the Northern Presi's just as much because of all the different approaches you can take to get to them!

  3. Good points....the Presidentials vs the Bonds is a tough competition. I think the Bonds win though only because they are more remote with less crowds.

  4. Chris,

    You made incredible time here...and took enough time to take some great pictures too! Someday, I hope to get out to the Bonds. The views look incredible. I'm having a daughter very soon and I have already decided that we will be doing the 48's together...so hopefully that will be my opportunity to get out in the middle of the Pemi to stand on Bond Cliff!

    Again, great report!


  5. Awesome to hear that you'll one day hike with your daughter. Make sure the first time you do the Bonds it's on a nice day with great views! If you come in from Lincoln Woods that first time you pop above treeline just below Bondcliff's summit is one of the best views ever!