Barebooting Bondcliff, Bond, and West Bond...In December!!

Date of Hike: 12/3/11

Lincoln Woods / Wilderness Trail: 4.7 miles
Bondcliff / West Bond Spur Trail: 12.2 miles
Lincoln Woods / wilderness Trail: 4.7 miles
Total Miles: 22.6 (4,700 Elevation Gain)
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Trip Report:
- Rarely do you ever get a day in December with trail conditions and weather quite like this, bright sunny skies, temperature in the mid 30's, no wind, and no ice or snow to deal with as Alton and I crushed the Bonds!
- We hiked at our usually blazing pace below treeline and then took in the phenomenal views along the ridge of Bondcliff, Bond, and West Bond.
- We were surprised to see only four other hikers having a great time on the Bonds (one lady, a guys with his doggy, and two guys from VFTT on Bondcliff who we had a nice conversation with about hiking) we thought there would be more because of the weather and the lack of snow and ice on trails.
- On the way out I went over to the old Black Brook railroad trestle to take pictures, the top of the trestle is old and battered but the foundation is a solidly built structure, it must have taken a beating recently during Hurricane Irene and is still holding up strong. The trestle lesser known as the J.E. Henry Railroad Trestle or Trestle 16 is around 100 years old.
- On Trail at 7:15am, Bondcliff 10:30am, Bond 11:15am, West Bond 11:45am, Bond 12:20pm, Bondcliff 12:55pm, LW/Wilderness Trail 2:25pm, finished 4:00pm
- This hike along with my out n' back of the Bonds in February, 2010 are probably two of the hikes in the Whites I've enjoyed the most!

Pictures (Click here for all pictures)

 Alton on Bondcliff
 Mount Garfield (right) to Mount Lafayette (left) and the Franconia Brook in the Pemigewasset Wilderness
 Whitewall Mountain, Mount Tom, Field, Willey, and the Presidential Range 
 The Bondcliff Trail and Mount Bond in December with no snow or ice!
 Owl''s Head and most of the Franconia Ridge
 Black Brook Railroad Trestle
Old but very secure structure!
 The Pemigewasset Wilderness Boundary


  1. very cool looked like a great day. Thanks for the report!

  2. What a fantastic day for it yesterday!! We were on Tom/Field/Willey and couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was to get a day like this in December. Your pictures are beautiful! Really surprised that you didn't run into more people on a day like that. The friend that we hiked with yesterday was doing a Twins/Bonds traverse today and wondering what the conditions would be like up there. Based on your report they're having a great day today!

  3. Really great pictures, I was up in the Wildcats and Carters that day and couldn't believe how nice the weather was! It was nice to get another long hike in, now I'm ready for the snow!

  4. Glad everyone liked the pics and report, thanks!

    I'm now ready for the snow as well, have a great winter hiking everyone!