Cannon Mountain (4,100 feet)

Cannon Mountain from the Franconia Ridge Trail (A.T.)

Cannon Mountain is the northern most 4,000 foot peak on the west side of Franconia Notch. The summit is wooded but there is a outlook tower where you can enjoy 360 degree views of the White Mountains. Cannon Mountain is a ski area and was home of the Old Man on the Mountain before it fell down in 2003.

Trails I've Hiked

Kinsman Ridge Trail: 2.2 miles, elevation gain of 2,200 feet.  The Kinsman Ridge Trail runs from the Cannon Mountain Tramway off I-93 (exit 34B) to the summit of Cannon Mountain.  It is a steep and unforgiving trail with awful footing but is the shortest route to the summit.  There are good views from of Echo Lake while hiking through the glades  and even better views of Franconia Notch from on the final 0.5 miles to the summit.

Hi-Cannon Trail / Kinsman Ridge Trail: 2.4 miles, elevation gain of  2,000 feet. The High Cannon Trail leaves the Lonesome Lake Trail and ascends up the steep eastern section of Cannon Mountain to the Kinsman Ridge Trail 0.4 miles south of the summit of Cannon Mountain. The trail has steep grades with poor footing over exposed roots, loose dirt, and rocks. There are a few outlooks along the way with great views down to Franconia Notch and Lonesome Lake. In icy conditions the trail has a few steep spots and an old ladder bridge that can become difficult to dangerous.

Mittersill-Cannon Trail: 2.5 miles (2,200 feet elevation gained): As of the summer of 2013, there is a new alternative route to the summit of Cannon Mountain that heads up Mittersill Peak, located just north of Cannon Mountain.  The trail starts at lot #1 at the far end of the Mittersill Chairlift.  Unlike the other steep, rugged, in the woods approaches to Cannon Mountain, the Mittersill Trail provides a more pleasant and wide open views as it ascends up the ski slopes and utility roads.  It is a calve-burner in spots up the slopes, but for the most part it's not too bad on the knees and legs, however, I do like ski slope hiking, where as many people do not.  The trail climbs to Mittersill Peak with excellent views of Cannon's summit and Coppermine Cole in full view.  Wide open views of Sugar Hill throughout the hike are quite nice, too.  After Mittersill the trail drops to a small col and climbs up the ski slopes and heads behind the tram building where it hooks onto the Rim-Trail to the summit tower.  The trail is blazed in yellow and is opened only when ski season is closed.

August 8th, 2015: MMD 50K - Up Falling Waters Trail, across Franconia Ridge Trail, down Flume Slide Trail, up Liberty Spring Trail, across Franconia Ridge Trail, down Greenleaf Trail, up Kinsman Ridge Trail, down Lonesome Lake Trail, up Fishin' Jimmy Trail, up and down Kinsman Ridge Trail, out via Hi-Cannon and Lonesome Lake Trail

January 10th, 2015: Up and down Kinsman Ridge Trail

September 9th, 2014: Up and down Mittersill-Cannon Trail (RUN NH48)

August 29th, 2014: Up Mittersill-Cannon Trail, down Kinsman Ridge and Lonesome Lake Trail, out via the Pemi Trail

November 30th, 2013: Up and down Kinsman Ridge Trail

October 11th, 2013: Up and down Mittersill-Cannon Trail

April 6th, 2013: Kinsman Ridge Trail to South Kinsman, down Fishin' Jimmy, Dodge Cutoff, Hi-Cannon, Lonesome Lake Trail, Dodge Cutoff, Franconia Notch Recreational Bike Path

December 29th, 2012: Up and down Kinsman Ridge Trail

August 3rd, 2012: Up and down Kinsman Ridge Trail

June 23rd, 2012: Up and down Kinsman Ridge Trail

May 29th, 2011: Up Lonesome Lake and Fishin' Jimmy Trail, across Kinsman Ridge Trail, down Lonesome Lake Trail

January 1st, 2011: Up and down Kinsman Ridge Trail

June 26th, 2010: Franconia Notch Traverse: Up Flume Slide, across Franconia Ridge, down Greenleaf Trail and Old Bridle Path, Up Hi-Cannon Trail, across Kinsman Ridge Trail, down Kinsman Pond and Cascade Brook trail

July 19th, 2009: Up Lonesome Lake and Fishin' Jimmy Trail to Kinsman Ridge Trail to North and South Kinsman back over cannonballs to Cannon Mountain down to tram parking lot and Pemi Trail back to car

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