Moosilauke / Cannon / Willey

Date of Hikes: 8/2/12 - 8/4/12

Moosilauke 8/2/12 
Beaver Brook Trail
7.6 miles 3,100 feet elevation gain
Cannon 8/3/12
Kinsman Ridge Trail
4.0 miles 2,100 feet
Willey 8/4/12
Kedron Flume/Ethan Pond/Willey Range
5.4 miles 2,850 feet

Trail Conditions: Beaver Brook Trail is steep and has awful footing as it ascends up the left side of the cascades, no water sources on trail once past the cascades but footing becomes better and the grades become easier and more moderate, summit is above treeline with excellent views and old foundations to hide from wind. Kinsman Ridge Trail is steep with rough footing until past the ski glades, grades become moderate and easy just before the Franconia Notch outlook, summit has an observation tower with incredible views, no water sources on trail. Kedron Flume/Ethan Pond/Willey Range Trails have decent footing with some rougher spots on the Willey Range Trail, grades are moderate on Kedron Flume and Ethan Pond but very steep in places on the Willey Range Trail, excellent outlook below summit of Willey, summit is a pile of rocks on the side of trail, no water sources past the Kedron Flume.

The Beaver Brook Cascades 
 Bottom of the Cascades
 Heading up the left side of the Beaver Brook Trail Cascades
 Upper Cascades of the Beaver Brook
 Well Placed Ladder Blocks on the Beaver Brook Trail
 Beaver Brook Trail
 Mount Moosilauke from the Mount Blue summit knob area
 Above treeline on the Beaver Brook Trail
 Beaver Brook Trail
 Alton taking a  break above treeline on the Beaver Brook Trail
 Approaching the summit of Mount Moosilauke
 Mount Moosilauke Summit
 Moosilauke Carriage Road and the South Peak of Moosilauke with an old dude not too impressed!
 Summit flats of Mount Moosilauke
 Old Foundations on Mount Moosilauke's summit
 Alton descending the Beaver Brook Trail
 Re-bar and ladder blocks of the Beaver Brook Trail
 Ladder Steps on the Beaver Brook Trail
 Echo Lake freom the Kinsman Ridge Trail
 Franconia Notch from the Kinsman Ridge Trail Outlook
 Cannon Mountain
 Franconia Ridge
 The Cannonon Balls and North and South Kinsman
Alton playing tourist on the Cannon Mountain Observation Tower 
 View from the Observation Tower
 High Clouds above the White Mountains
 Alton from the Rim Trail Outlook
Alton and me with the Franconia Ridge behind us 
 Willey Pond
 Ascending the steep lader steps of the Willey Range Trail
 The awesome summit and hikers in the middle of the trail on the summit of Mount willey!
 Crawford Notch
 Mount Webster and the Southern Presidential Range
 Mount Webster
Mlount Washington off in the distance


  1. Since each of those 3 hikes offers different views of different parts of the Whites, that was a great selection of hikes which provided a lot of variety! Very nice photos, as always!


    1. Thanks John, we had some great views and got to take in the Whites from three very different view points, always fun!

  2. Now THAT'S a great three days! Short mileage for you Chris. Sometimes not so bad to slack a little. Thanks for sharing the views!


    1. Thanks Mark, Glad you enjoyed the pictures, hope you have been enjoying your summer out on the trails!

  3. Nice pictures, as always. Fantastic views. The Beaver Brook Trail looks fun.

    1. Hey Chris,

      The Beaver Brook Trail is fun, steep, and beautiful hope you get to do it soon!