Mount Tecumseh

Date of Hike: 8/26/12

Mount Tecumseh / Sosman / Ski Trails: 5.1 miles (2,300 elevation gain)

Trip Report:
- A few months ago Alton and I realized that we had hiked a majority of the 4,000 foot peaks in New Hampshire together without trying, so we decided to knock off the remaining peaks left on the list.  On Sunday we headed to Mount Tecumseh for peak number 44!
- Mount Tecumseh is one of the easiest 4,000 footers to hike, however the hike is all in the woods with almost no views, unless you hike down or up the ski trails.
- We decided to hike up the Mount Tecumseh Trail, take the Sosman Trail over to the top of the ski slope and hike the Scramble, Tangent, Periphery, the Boneyard, and Lower Periphery ski trails.
- The hike up to the summit was the usual not too exciting hike through the woods, the highlight of the Mount Tecumseh Trail is that it is in great shape with some excellent trail work done by Jeremy Clark and Eric Rathburn.  Pretty impressive rock work on the middle to upper sections.
- The best part of the hike was descending the ski trails, the views across to the Tripyramids were excellent and it was Alton's first time hiking down this way.  The ski trails were a little overgrown in spots but these sections were swarming with Monarch Butterflies that would take off  and fly around as we hiked making for a pretty cool scene.
- Once past the thick section the lower part of the ski slopes had been mowed so we made great time to the car while enjoying the views on the way out!

Mount Tecumseh Trailhead at Waterville Valley
Excellent trail work on the Mount Tecumseh Trail
Mount Tecumseh Trail
More great trail work
Alton slowly heading up the Mount Tecumseh Trail
Which way do I go??!!
Mount Tecumseh Summit
On the summit of Mount Tecumseh
Sosman Trail
Satellite Tower at the top of Waterville Valley
Top of the ski slope
Alton descending the ski slopes
A Monarch buttefly zooming by to get in the picture
Waterville Valley Ski Area
The Tripyramids
Alton descending the ski slopes
The Tripyramids from Mount Tecumseh
Waterville Valley
Alton makes a new friend!
I always get a chuckle from this!


  1. Chris,

    The stonework on the trail looks awesome. I've seen it in other pictures but haven't been able to head up there since it has been put in place. I'm looking forward to checking it out first hand.

    I think the Sosman Trail is my favorite in this small network of trails. Your picture does a good job capturing the enchantmentishness (yes, I just made that word up) of that trail.

    Also, great shots coming down the ski slopes. You did a great job getting some of those chairs in there and making it look very, very picturesque! Especially the picture of the Tris! Nice shot of the flyby butterfly too!


    1. enchantmentishness - you should contact Webster Dictionary and see if they'll throw it in their next edition!

      I always enjoy coming down the ski slope when it's dry, makes the descent much more enjoyable.

  2. LOL! Kinderpark! My memories of Kinderpark and the bunny slope is chaperoning with another adult a group of about 8 children around the age of 5 learning how to ski and how to ride the lifts at Waterville for a couple of years. Lots of fun. We used to put the smallest ones on either side of us and pick them up by the back of the jackets to get them onto the bigger quad lift.

    1. That sounds like a trip, next time I'm there during the winter I'll have to make a side trip to check out all the kids learnign how to ski, snowboard, and take pictures with the Cartoon bear and moose family at the bottom!