Huntington Ravine Trail

Date of Hike: 8/24/12

Tuckerman Ravine Trail: 1.3 miles 
Huntington Ravine Trail: 2.1 miles  
Alpine Garden: 0.9 miles 
Lion Head Trail: 1.6 miles
Tuckerman Ravine Trail: 2.3 miles
8.2 miles (3,500 elevation gain)

Trip Report
- So with a little persuasion I decided to bring back the trip report write up, and I figured that a hike up the Huntington Ravine would be a perfect way to get back into it.
- Huntington Ravine Trail is my favorite trail, it's rough, steep, has some difficult scrambles that can be intimidating along with some expansive and Gothic type views!
- The trail branches off from the Tuckerman Ravine Trail and you slowly make your way through the woods to the floor of the ravine. It is a pretty cool sight as the massive headwall of the ravine comes into view as you make your way to the bottom of it.
- As with most of my hikes joining me was Alton, she was excited having never hiked the Huntington Ravine Trail.  The weather was perfect for us, it was not humid and we had sun and high clouds with excellent views the whole day.
- The really fun part of the hike starts just below what is called 'The Fan,' the fan is a huge open boulder field below the headwall that spreads out like one of those old hand fans.  However before making it to the fan we had to navigate around, over, and in between some huge boulders in the scrub.
- When we popped out onto the fan we were rewarded with impressive and intimidating views of Pinnacle and Central Gully.  I pointed out to Alton where the trail would take us and how there would be some scrambling up rocks to be done. We had fun making our way across the fan hopping and climbing from boulder to boulder before heading back into the scrub and up to the first scramble.
- We then left the scrub for the last time just as we made it to the bottom of the first scramble where we took a break and watched and listened to a couple of rock climbers across the way.
- Now it was time to begin the best part of the trail, there are a couple of steep rock scrambles with the first one being the most intimidating.  About half way up the first scramble the rock slab becomes pretty steep and tricky for non-rock climbers, you have the option of walking upright on exposed slab or lifting your way up a 'crack' using your hands and feet, I went slowly up the crack and Alton zoomed up the exposed slab section.  It was a lot of fun and I found it a lot less nerve-racking than when I hiked it solo the past couple of times.
- The rest of the scrambles are shorter and easier and once past the scrambles there is a fun little chimney before the trail becomes a 'regular' trail again.  As we ascended up the steep scrambles and the chimney we would take breaks to enjoy the magnificent views.
- When we made it to the top of the ravine we ran into younger hikers who had came out of the ravine, it was their first hike up Mount Washington, pretty impressive to do that trail on their first Washington journey. 
- Alton and I decided to skip the summit and just walk along the beautiful Alpine Garden Trail before dropping down the Lion Head Trail.  The Alpine Garden Trail is one of my favorites, there were a couple of late summer flowers to look at along the way and the views and weather was perfect for our descent to treeline on the Lion Head Trail.
- The final walk out along the Tuckerman Ravine Trail was the same as always, it seems a lot longer at the end of the day and every hiker we passed had the "will this ever end" look on their face.
-  It was a great day in Huntington Ravine, the trail never gets old and the massive boulders and rock walls are always impressive making for an epic experience! Alton said it is her new favorite trail, so we are looking forward to getting back to it soon!
 Trailhead at Pinkham Notch Visitor Center
 Tuckerman Ravine Trail
 Huntington Ravine Trail Junction
 The Cutler River
 Alton crossing the Cutler River
 The rugged Huntington Ravine Trail
 Small pool off the trail
 Raymond Path Junction
 Huntington Ravine Trail
 Huntington Ravine Fire Road
 First real good glimpse of the ravine
 Fire Road / Trail Split
 First Aid Cache at the floor of the ravine
 Gateway to Huntington Ravine
 Alton making her way into the ravine
 Memorial plaque
The Fan and Central Gully 
 The Fan with Pinnacle and Central Gully
Alton hopping off a boulder 
 Alton looking for the safest way through the boulders
 Alton  some good footing
 Alton making her way through the boulders
 Huntington Ravine Trail just before being dropped out on the fan
 The Fan
 Crossing the Fan
 View of the ravine floor and the Wildcat Ridge
 Huntington Ravine Trail
 View of Pinnacle Gully from The Fan
 Pinnacle Gully
 Alton making her way through the scrub
 Rock climbers making their own way up
 Alton arriving at the bottom of the first scramble
 Below the first scramble
 First Scramble
First Scramble 
 First Scramble
 Alton beginning the first scramble
 Alton making her way up the second scramble
Alton making her way up the second scramble 
 Alton making her way up the second scramble
 Alton making her way up the second scramble
 Alton crossing above the second scramble
Alton above the second scramble
 Alton on the third scramble
Alton on the third scramble 
 Alton on the third scramble
 Alton on the third scramble
 Hiker taking a much needed break!
 Rest stop with a view!
 Alton at the bottom of a chimney
Alton at the bottom of a chimney 
 Alton in the middle of a chimney
 Alton at the top of a chimney
 Wildcat / Carter / Moriah Range
 Huntington Ravine
 Hiker still enjoying some rest on the trail!
 One of the rock walls that form the boundary of the ravine
 Tourists taking a picture after driving up to mile maker 7 and going for a little stroll
 Top of Huntington Ravine
Alpine Garden Trail 
 The Alpine Garden
 Hiking along the Alpine Garden Trail
 Above Treeline on Mount Washington
 Lion Head Trail
 Hermit Lake and the floor of Tuckerman Ravine
 Hermit Lake and shelters
 Tuckerman Ravine
 Lion Head Trail
 Froggy Rock!
 Looking up to the Lion Head
The Lion Head


  1. Awesome! Love the photos, some of the best I've seen of this hike, particularly the rock scrambling sections. After reading other's trip reports, and now yours, Huntington is definitely on the bucket list. It is something I'd never thought I'd do, but turns out that I like that sort of thing. Now, if I could convince one of my hiking partners to go . . maybe next summer!

    1. Hi Summerset,

      Hope you get to hike up Huntington Ravine next summer, it's a wild hike with some unbelivable views! Hiking in the fan and looking up at the water rushing down from Pinnacle Gully is out of this world, you're going to love it!!!

    2. I'm pretty sure they'll want to go next summer, if not sooner. I'm pretty sure it will be a blast, if your photos and enthusiasm are any indication.

  2. wow This is great ;-) It looks little scary at "scrambling section" is it a gentle climb or a real steep climb? (90 degree?)

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      The scamble sections are not a gentle climb, it's very steep slab but not full on rock climbing. The first scramble is the most exposed and difficult where you will need use of some hand holds, foot placement, and caution. But if you take your time you should be ok. If you have a fear of that kind of thing just use your best judgement when approaching the first scramble if you should turn back or not.

    2. Hi Chris,
      thanks for the infor, really appreciate it. I must also say you have done a great job in documenting it with great photographs !!!


  3. Hi Chris! I really want to do this trail sometime. If I do it, I will need to be with someone who can guide me and give me tips on the scrambles, because these things scare the crap out of me...but are fun once I get on them. I'm really glad you brought the trip reports back. Honestly, your photos tell the trip report really well already...but your narrative bullets certainly add value to it too. Great photos and report!


    1. Hi Karl, thanks for the nice words about the trip report and pics. You will love the scrambles, I always find them much easier when with a group of friends hiking it, the times I go solo I get freaked out because I'm usually all alone up there, but with other hikers you will love it, hope you get to do it soon and have a blast!

  4. Terrific ! But I don't think I could do that with the exposure. Great to look at though !

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Glad you like the report and pics, thanks! Huntington Ravine is a tough hike and steep but if you ever decide to do it and can get over the first scramble the exposure isn't too bad and if you take your time you will be just fine!

  5. Chris,

    As others have said, your pictures are great, but we're glad to have your TR's back as well. Great stuff!


    1. Thanks Mike!

      Great pics and report of your latest hike, love the picture of your dog Rev napping on Pyramid!!!

  6. Great report, Chris. This is the best I've seen about Huntington. It shows me what I wanted to know about the most difficult parts of the hike. Having seen this, I am confident I can make it up this trail. Might have to look only up or stare into the rock wall only on certain passes, but I believe I can do it. The smile on Alton's face in every picture tells you all you need to know. What a fun adventure!

    Thanks again,

    Chris Stratton/Arkie

    1. Thanks!

      You will have a blast hiking it, just make sure you head up it when the boulders and rock slabs are dry and you have a day filled with views so you can take it all in!

  7. Chris, I already commented on your Facebook page, but it deserves saying again, i.e., this is one of the best (if not THE best) photo-documentations I've seen of the key points on the climb up the Huntington Ravine Trail! You and Alton did a marvelous job!


    1. Thanks John, that means a lot coming from a great photographer and hiker with great knowledge of the area as you, much appreciated!!!

      We had a blast and Alton can't wait to hike up Huntington ravine again!

  8. Thanks for posting your pictures of Alton hiking up Huntington.
    We made it up to the beginning of the first scramble and it started to pour!
    We turned arround there and I was so disappointed.
    I am determined and excited to got back this summer.
    What kind of sneakers or hiking shoes was Alton wearing?
    I want to know what's the best type of shoes or boots to wear going up the scramble.
    It's beautiful on the Huntington trail! Loved it!

    1. Hi Anonymous, glad you liked the pictures of the Huntington Ravine hike, it's one of my favorites. Good all not heading up the slab in the rain, it can get very slippery and dangerous. I don't remember what shoes she had on for this hike but shortly after this she started wearing La Sportiva Raptors which have incredible grip and traction for all types of terrain and hold up the best out of any trail runner I have had on the punishing terrain of the Presidential Range. Hope you have a blast this summer in Huntington Ravine :)