Cabot & Waumbek

Date of Hike: 8/31/12

Mount Cabot Trail: 7.8 miles (2,750 elevation gain)
Starr King Trail: 7.2 miles (2,650 elevation gain)
Total Miles: 15.0 miles (5,400 elevation gain)

Trip Report:
- Alton and I decided it was time for us to hike Mount Cabot and Wumbek.  Of the 48 - 4,000 footers they are not the most exciting with limited views and in the woods hiking.  Usually Mount Cabot is hiked from the Berlin fish Hatchery but we decided to take our chances and head in from the old Mount Cabot Trail saving us an hour in driving.
- The Mount Cabot Trail has been closed for a number of years and access to it is questionable.  I've been on it when it was open as a kid and then again when it was closed a few years ago with Scott and his brother Chris.  The trail is still relatively easy to follow with only a few mud holes and overgrown spots.
- The first 0.8 miles is over old logging roads and is quite enjoyable, along the way we saw posted signs of trail closures but no one ever chased us off the trail and you could tell it gets decent use by some hikers.
- The Mount Cabot trail heads into the woods for good after 0.8 miles, it's narrow in a few spots and the worst section is a mud pit from lack of upkeep on a water bar.  Overall the trail has held up very well since it was abandoned over a dozen years ago.
- After 2.5 miles we were back on maintained trails all the way to the summit, It was actually very windy above 3,500 feet, we even got a little chilled and went into the Cabot cabin to relax, warm up, and refuel before heading to the summit.
- The hike from the Cabin to the summit is pretty easy, we didn't stay long on the summit, there are no views, it was windy, and it looked like a storm was coming.
- We booked it down the mountain and it started to sprinkle on us in the woods but once we were back out to the old logging roads it had stropped and again we weren't bothered by the land owners so that was very nice of them.
- Once back at the car we had some lunch the headed down the road to the Starr King Trailhead, the worst part of this hike is the hundred foot section of road heading to the trailhead parking area...big bumps and holes, watch out it you have a sedan, it's nasty!
- As soon as we started hiking it started to rain, pretty hard too, we didn't stop until the Starr King Cabin's fireplace.  We were soaked, Alton had to put on my long sleeve and we made sure to keep on moving, luckily temps were in the high 50's or we would have been very uncomfortable and cold hiking in the rain.
- The good news is the bad weather made us hike faster than expected for our second hike of the day and we made great time to the summit of Mount Waumbek and it's awesome viewless summit!
- The rain stopped as we descended past Starr King and the rest of the hike was much more enjoyable and the sun even came back out at the end of the hike.
- It was another great day in the White Mountains, Cabot and Waumbek aren't the most exciting mountains but we had a fun day and Alton and I have now hiked 46 of the 48-4,000 footers together!

 Heath's Gate
 No Trespassing!
 Logging road
 Mount Cabot Trail
 Kilkenny Ridge Trail Junction
 Cabot Cabin
 You think you hate it now, wait to you sleep there in a hail storm!
 Goofing around, #45 for the both us together, probably the sixth and hopefully the last time on Mount Cabot-Patch!
View from the site of the old fire tower
Mount Cabot / Kilkennny Ridge Trail 
 Lancaster, NH
 Looking south to the Franconia Ridge
 Mount Cabot Trail
 Bunnell Brook Crossing
 Mount Cabot Trail
 Mount Cabot Trail
 Trail gets a little narrow in places
 Mount Cabot Trail
 Old logging roads
 Cut-over area
 Gate near the Kilkenny Road Logging Railroad Bed
Alton heading to Heath's Gate 
 Mount Cabot Trailhead at the end of Arthur White Road
 Mount Starr King Cabin fireplace
 View from Starr King
 Starr King Trail
 #46...and hopefully the last trek to Waumbek, unless part of a Kilkenny Ridge Traverse!
 Starr King Trail
Old Well on the Starr King Trail 
 Star King Trail
Nice clean water!


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    1. Hi James, thanks for the info. I will look into adding my blog to the site when I get a chance sometime next week.

      Happy Hiking!

  2. Hello Chris, Came across your blog this AM. We were hiking also on Waumbek same day in the rain as you and Alton. Lin and I are doing the 48 this year also. We had done Cabot via Unknown Pond/Kilkenny Trails over July 4th w/e. Yup, both peaks are snoozers. Great pics and trail reports. Thanks, Bob Leitch

    1. Hi Bob,

      Glad you like the report and pics, yes total snoozers of peaks! Alton and I have done both before but not together and we just figured let's get these two done on the same day to get them out of the way, we didn't expect the rain but it was still fun, once we were done! Have a great time hiking this upcoming fall!


  3. I like the pictures so much! You cannot post enough pictures of this beautiful place. How did you manage to find the place? It is amazing. And yes, I do believe any kind of shelter is welcome during a hailstorm. Safety first.

    1. Hi Terasa, glad you like the pictures, thanks! As far as how I managed to find the place, all the trailheads, descriptions of trails, and maps are from an A.M.C. White Mountains Guide, it's a great book!