Hiking the Grand Canyon and Arizona's Highest Peak / Road Trip

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Grand Canyon Marathon - 5/16/14:  South Kaibab / Bright Angel / Plateau Point (25.5 miles, 5,000 feet elevation gained)
Humphreys Peak - 5/17/14:  Humphreys Peak Trail #151 (10.0 miles, 3,200 feet elevation gained)

Horseshoe Mesa - 5/18/14:  Grandview Trail / Bushwhack (9.5 miles, 2,750 feet elevation gained)
Rim to Rim to Rim - 5/20/14: South Kaibab / North Kaibab / Ribbon Falls / Bright Angel (45.5 miles, 10,600 feet elevation gained)

PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates)  /  University of Notre Dame  /  Kaufman Stadium (Kansas City Royals)

Black Bridge over the Colorado River on the South Kaibab Trail
Colorado River as seen from Plateau Point
View from Humphreys Peak
Humphrey Peak Summit
   Grandview Point
 Horseshoe Mesa
 Split Rock in Horseshoe Mesa 
 Ribbon Falls
Silver Bridge
Plateau Point and the Grand Canyon as seen from the Bright Angel Trail's South Rim
 Go Pirates!  PNC Park, Pittsburgh, PA
 Touchdown Jesus!  University of Notre Dame
Go Royals!  Kaufman Stadium, Kansas City, MO


  1. Phenomenal job, Chris! Just amazing the hikes/runs that you took on and conquered. Thank you for sharing all your adventures and photos. GC is definitely on my list for next year's Spring Escape.

  2. Thanks Summerset! You will fall in love with the GC, I will definitely be making a return trip next year! Hope you have a great summer hiking! :)