Humphreys Peak: 12,637

Date of Hike: 5/16/14

Humphreys Trail #151: 10.0 miles (3,200 feet elevation gained)

Trip Report:
- I was excited to fins out the Arizona's highest peak was just eleven miles north of where I was staying in Flagstaff Arizona.  In fact, you could see the peak from my hotel.  There was still some snow scattered around the mountain but it was obvious that it was sparse enough that it would be no issue for me to hike it without traction.
- Humphreys Peak is 12,637 feet high and within the Kachina Peaks Wilderness in the Coconino National Forest, and is the highest of a group of extinct volcanic peaks known as the San Francisco Peaks. (Thank you Wikipedia!)
- The trailhead is located at What is called the 'Snowbowl' where there is a ski area.  The trail cuts across the ski area then heads into the woods and uphill over, you guessed it, switchbacks, man they love switchbacks out here!
- I took my time hiking up to the ridgeline, mostly because I was sore from the day before in the Grand Canyon.  The trail footing reminded me of the White Mountains, roots and rocks but it was never steep at all thanks to those switchbacks.  Once gaining the ridge and popping into the alpine tundra the wind was whipping around 20 plus mph and the terrain changed to more or less what you'd find just below the summit cone of Mount Jefferson on the Castle Trail.  The only difference is it's not a continuous rock hop and the rocks are black not grey.
- The trail travels along the exposed ridgeline for almost a mile and a half before reaching the summit.  The summit has a rock foundation and a tall summit sign on it.
- Views from the top were spectacular, the surrounding mountains were black with patches of snow in the ravines and valley's.  The only bummer was it was a little hazy out so I couldn't see the Grand Canyon to the north.  Still, it was a pretty cool place to catch some views.  The summit was somehow less windy than the ridge leading up to it so I basked in the sun for a half hour before heading back down to the car.

Beginning of the Humphrey Trail 
 Trailhead parking at the Snowbowl
 Entering the Coconino Wilderness
 Hiking along the Humphrey Trail
 At one of the switchbacks there was a huge talus slide that look really cool
 Agassiz Peak
 the trail became more open with fewer trees below the ridge
 Once gaining the ridge the San Francisco Peaks come into full view, Humphrey Peak seen here
Weatherford Trail to Agassiz Peak 
 Stick to the trail!
 Pretty cool trail marker above treelne
 Hiking along the ridge
 Looking back along the ridge
 Nice gentle grades past a couple of sub summits along the ridge
Agassiz Peak
 Final burst up to the summit
 On the Summit of Humphreys Peak
 Agassiz and Fremont Peaks
 Summit Sign
 San Francisco Mountain Range
 Big view from the summit!
 Heading back down the ridge
 Crossing the ski slope at the end of the trail
 View of San Francisco Peaks
Route for the day, click here for more details

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