The Bonds & Guyot

Date of Hike: 11/23/12
Lincoln Woods: 2.9 miles
Bondcliff: 7.9 miles
West Bond Spur: 1.0 miles
Bondcliff: 9.5 miles
Lincoln Woods: 2.9 miles 
Total Miles 24.2
5,150 feet elevation gain

Trip Report:
- The day after Thanksgiving had a perfect forecast for a long hike. Alton and I had not been on a  twenty plus mile hike by ourselves in almost a year so we decided to head to our favorite mountains, the Bonds.
- We started off on the Lincoln Woods Trail at 6:45 a.m.  The Lincoln Woods Trail used to be called the Wilderness Trail, then a number of years ago the trail was changed to Lincoln Wood/Wilderness Trail with the first 2.9 miles called Lincoln Woods and the remaining 6.0 miles called the Wilderness Trail. Along the way at Camp 16, 4.7 miles from the trailhead the Bondcliff Trail split to the left and the Wilderness Trail continued deep into the heart of the Pemigewasset Wilderness.  In 2009 the Black Brook bridge and the East Branch Suspension bridge were removed, and a 0.7 section of the Wilderness Trail was closed. Now the first 2.9 miles is called the Lincoln Woods Trail and then it becomes the Bondcliff Trail.  The Wilderness Trail is now just a 4.1 miles stretch between the Cedar Brook Trail and Stillwater Junction/Carrigain Notch Trail.  However for trip reports I will always refer to this stretch as the Lincoln Woods/Wilderness Trail.
- Anyway, the weather was pretty chilly in the early morning, but there was no wind so we were in luck.  We were both excited to finally get back up to the Bond without the aid of hiking boots and traction (probably for the last time in 2012).
- About a mile past the Camp 16 clearing on the Bondcliff Trail we ran into Andy and his dog Liberty who were hiking up to Bondcliff.  Andy and Liberty are hiking the 48 - 4,000 footers from lowest to highest elevation, Bondcliff was #19 for them.
- Alton and I made good time up to the Cliffs of Bond where we enjoyed the magnificent above treeline views from the summit area all the way up to Bond and over to West Bond.
- We decided after leaving West Bond to head over to Guyot and over to the Twinway to North Guyot to take in more awesome views before retracing our steps back to the Kanc.
- We were shocked to see not one other hiker between Bondcliff, Bond, West Bond, and Guyot and all the way back until the highest water crossing on the Bondcliff Trail.
- The long hike out along the Lincoln Woods / Wilderness Trail was chilly which was strange as we were warmer above treeline than we were on the old section of the Wilderness Trail.
- With about a mile and a half left we ran into Andy and his dog Liberty again and hiked out with them talking about the mountains.
- Back at the car Alton and I changed into clean, dry, warm clothes before heading back south.  It was a great ending to a great day!
Lincoln Woods Trailhead
East Branch Suspension Bridge
Lincoln Woods Trail
Hurricane Irene Damage
Old Railroad Camp Clearing
Black Pond Camp Clearing
Trail Junk!
Franconia Brook Footbridge
Pemigewasset Wilderness
Bondcliff Trail (Old Wilderness Trail)
Bondcliff Trail
Scramble below Bondcliff
Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge
Hancock's and Carrigain
Osceola and Scar Ridge
Mount Carrigain
Bondcliff Summit Area
Mount Field and Willey below the Southern Presidential Range
Alton on Bondcliff
Bondcliff, Bond, and West Bond above the Gates of Hell Ravine
Bondcliff and West Bond
Bondcliff Summit area
Bondcliff Trail
Bottom of Hellgate Ravine
Bondcliff as seen from Mount Bond
Mount Tom, Field, and Willey with the Presidential Range
Presidential Range
West Bond
West Bond, Owl's Head, and the Franocnia Ridge
The Slides of the Twin Range
Mount Lincoln, Lafayette, Little Haystack and the Pemi Wilderness
West Bond Summit
Mount Garfield
Pemi Wilderness
Mount Guyot
Northern Presidential Range
Mount Carrigain and the Hancock's above the Bondcliff Ridge
Redrock Ravine Pond
Twin Range Slides
Twin Range
Mount Guyot
Mount Bond and West Bond as seen from Mount Guyot
Alton on Mount Guyot
Alton on Guyot
On the summit of Mount Guyot
Mount Carrigain
Twin Range
Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge as seen from North Guyot
Owl's Head, Liberty and Flume
Alton approaching North Guyot
Guyot from North Guyot
Approaching Mount Guyot
Bondcliff Trail
Guyot Campsite Junction
West Bond Spur Junction
View from the summit of Mount Bond
Cliffs of Bond
Hellgate Ravine to Owl's Head below the Franconia Ridge
Slides of West Bond
West Bond and Bond
Black Brook
Bondcliff Trail
Bondcliff / Wilderness Trail
Bondcliff / Wilderness Trail
Andy and Liberty


  1. As always, cool looking pictures Super Hiker!

  2. Great pics, Chris! I especially love the pics you took on Guyot. Looks like such a cool summit! Can't wait to get up there someday!


    1. Hey Karl! Mount Guyot is such a cool little summit, it has some of the best views in the white's and is a great spot to stop and spend a lot of time on a nice weather day!

  3. I agree with Eva . . . you are indeed a "Super Hiker"! And, I'll throw in a "Super Photographer" as well!
    Your hikes and Blog reports are super terrific, and are simply off the scale!


    1. Thanks John! I appreciate the kind words, but it's not so much me as the camera, I give it all the credit!! Can't wait to see your snowy trip reports and pictures throughout the winter!!

  4. Great Pictures Chris,
    Glad to see that you did get up to the whites Friday as well. What a great day.
    I'm still not very good at identifying particular mountains but your pictures and captions are helping.

    1. Thanks Marvin, glad you were able to get in a great hike too!

  5. Great pics to peruse during a work break. Brought me back to a similiar hike I did over ten years ago where we made camp at the Mt. Guyout campsite for 2 nights. Makes me want to get back up there! Thanks!

    1. Hi Brian! Thanks for enjoying the pictures and glad I could bring back some memories for you. Hope you are able to get back up there again!!