The Tripyramids

Date of Hike: 10/27/12
Livermore Trail: 3.6 miles
Mount Tripyramid Tral: 4.9 miles
Livermore Trail: 2.6 miles
Total Miles: 11.1 miles
3,000 feet elevation gain

Trip Report:
- Saturday was the calm before the storm, with Hurricane Sandy Pants / Frankenstorm shuffling its way toward the eastern seaboard it was time to get in one last hike before getting out of dodge.
- The weather once again could not have been any better as Alton and I met up with fellow endurance athlete enthusiast Kelsey for a loop hike up the super steep North Slide and down the gravely South slide of the Tripyramid Mountains.
- There were quite a few hikers out and about as we started hiking, most of which were heading to one of the many trails that branch off from the Livermore Trail.  The Livermore Trail consists of old logging roads, I enjoyed the hike more than I have before because with all the leaves off the trees there was more to see passing by old camps and skidder roads from the early and mid 1900's.
- The trail becomes severely eroded once past the South Slide Junction of the Mount Tripyramid Trail.  Last year Hurricane Irene came through and washed out the middle of the road for a few sections of the trail.  The Trail is still easy to follow and not dangerous but just an eroded mess.
- After 3.6 miles we hooked onto the Mount Tripyramid Trail and walked through the woods for a half mile to the bottom of the North Slide.  From here the trail ascends 1,200 feet in just over a half mile, it becomes excessively steep and the slide itself is best describe in three sections.  The first is still in the woods, very narrow, steep, and today it was slippery.  the trail hugs the left edge of the slide and because of the wetness some places trees and minor handholds were needed for assistance.
- It was at this point were Alton and I looked below us to see that Kelsey decided the steep, slippery, somewhat dangerous trail part of the slide wasn't difficult enough so she headed up the middle and then the right side!  After a few dozen feet she needed to head off into the steep woods on the right and crawl and pull herself up a few hundred feet before crossing over at the middle part of the slide, it looked intense and pretty freaking cool, she's tougher (and Crazier!) than most hikers out there!
- The middle part of the slide is where the views and the slide starts to open up, it's just as steep and now mostly over slab with stunted growth about.  We made sure that Kelsey crossed over and was ok and she was minus the sunglasses she lost and then continued up to the upper portion of the slide.
- The upper portion of the slide is wide open over loose boulders, it's still steep but no longer has that dangerous feel to it (as long as you're not descending).  There was a group of three in front of us, they weren't in regular hiking gear so this was probably a real new and different experience for them, they may have not known what they were in for but they all looked like they were having a blast.
- We decided to bushwhack up to the summit from the top of the slide, it was a little scratchy in places but there was a well beaten path so it wasn't bad and we were at the summit in about ten minutes after leaving the top of the slide.
- The hike from North to Middle to South Tripyramid along the ridge is one of the easier ridge hikes in the White Mountains, the footing is good and the up and downs between the peaks are really easy.
- Once past the South summit we headed down he South Slide, it's much easier than the North Slide.  It is not as steep and the footing is a mix of boulders, loose rocks, and a lot of gravel.  The South Slide is narrower and has less grand views than the North Slide but it's still a really cool hike.
- Once back in the woods we made really good time back to the Livermore Trail and had a great 2.5 miles walk back to the car enjoying the perfect fall weather and sharing a bunch of laughs along the way, making for a great ending to one awesome hike!
 Livermore Trailhead
 Hiking along the Livermore Trail
 All the leaves are down on the Livermore Trail
 Alton and Kelsey
 Livermore Trail
 Early morning on the Livermore Trail
Along and Kelsey hiking along the Livermore Trail 
 The Livermore Trail
 Soft footing on the Livermore Trail
Hurricane Irene erosion 
 Washed out Livermore Trail
 Hurricane Irene devastation
 Avalanche Camp
 Moun Tripyramid Trail North Slide Junction
 Mount Tripyramid Trail
 Heading to the North Slide
Bottom of the North Slide 
 Alton starts up the North Slide
 Mount Tripyramid Trail
 Alton and Kelsey ascend the bottom of the slide
 Carefully making there way through a tough spot
 Looking at the bottom of the slide
 Looking up the narrow bottom of the slide
Alton and Kelsey Ascending the North Slide
 Hikers heading up through a steep section
 Steep part of the bottom part of the slide
 Alton heading to the middle of the slide
 Hikers scrambling up toward the middle part of the slide
 Kelsey making her own route up the slide!
 A short steep crack in the trail
 Alton carefully making her way up
 Looking down the short steep crack
 Osceolas and Tecumseh Mountains
 Kelsey makes it back to the trail
 Alton entertaining herself
 Kelsey makes her way to the middle part of the slide
 Looking up the North Slide
 Alton taking in the views
 North Slide of Tripyramid
 Mount Tecumseh and Waterville Valley
 The North Slide of Mount Tripyramid
 The North Slide
Alton scrambling 
 Alton makes her way up the upper section
 Alton enjoying the perfect weather
 Alton on the North Slide
 White Mountains
 Sandwich Wilderness
 Cairn at the top of the slide
 Middle and South Tripyramid
 Mount Tecumseh and Waterville Valley
 Alton and Kelsey on North Tripyramid
 Pine Bend Brook Trail Junction
 Top of South Slide
 Alton and Kelsey on the South Slide
Me and Alton 
 Kelsey and Alton navigate the South Slide
 Alton and Kelsey
 The South Slide
 Looking down the South Slide
 Alton heading down the South Slide
 On the South Slide
 Mount Tripyramid Trail
 Mount Tripyramid Trail
 Mount Tripyramid Trail
 Small brook crossing on the Mount Tripyramid Trail
 Mount Tripyramid Trail
 Mount Tripyramid Trail
 Sandwich Range Boundary
 Mount Tripyramid South Slide Junction
 Dogs on Livermore Trail
 Friendly dog!
 Livermore Trail
 Livermore Trail info
 Kelsey and Alton
Livermore Parking area and Mount Tecumseh


  1. What a great report and photos, looks like everyone had a tremendous amount of fun!

    1. Thanks Scott, I was telling Kelsey and Alton how you and Chris went down the North slide as it was getting dark with ice, they couldn;t imagine how tough and scary that would have been!

  2. Wow, I've never seen such fear-inspiring pictures of the North Slide before. Looks like it would be absolutely terrifying in winter!

    1. Hey Owen,

      yeah that slide in the winter must be crazy, I think it would be fun though!!

  3. Really good pictures of the North Slide - I did a tripyramid loo a few weeks ago going up the South slide but bypassing the north slide when it started to rain, coming down the Scaur trail instead. Glad I did!

    1. Hi Philip, glad you like the pictures, thanks! We ran into another group heading the opposite way and they did the same hike as you and were relieved not to have descended the Nroth Slide.

  4. Great write-up Chris it made laugh lol...crazaaaay! Hey you guys are just as crazy!! Thanks for the moral support, really felt like rock climbing with-out a rope at one point lol..I had a blast with you guys as always :) .... Great pics too ! Till next time! :)

    1. Thanks Kelsey! It was great having you along on the hike and can't wait for our next one which will be in the snow!!!!