Twins / Bonds Traverse

Date of Hike: 7/15/12

North Twin Trail: 4.3 miles 
North Twin Spur: 1.2 miles
Twinway: 2.0 miles
Bondcliff Trail:  6.9 miles
Wilderness Trail: 4.7 miles
19.2 Miles
4,400 elevation gain

Trail Conditions: The three water crossings of the Little River on the North Twin Trail very low and easy to cross, herd path bypassing first two crossings very well defined for travel during times of high water flow. No reliable water sources on trail past third crossing of the Little River for about 10 miles until 2.0 miles below the summit of Bondcliff (brook bed across trail is dry but water about 50 feet upstream).  Two major crossings of Black Brook low and easily rock hoped. Lincoln Woods / Wilderness Trail is the same as it ever was, flat and long!

 North Twin Trailhead
 First crossing of the Little River
 Second crossing of the Little River
 Third crossing of the Little River
 North Twin Trail
 Hiking up the North Twin Trail
 Mount Hale from an outlook along the North Twin Trail
 Hazy day in the White Mountains
 South Twin
Alton and me near the summit of North Twin
David hydrating on the North Twin Trail outlook 
 Mount Carrigain
 Approaching North Twin's summit
 Garfield and Franconia Ridges
 Galehead, Owl's Head, Liberty and Flume Mountains
 Mount Garfield
 Galehead Hut
 Summit of North Twin
 Approaching South Twin on the North Twin Spur
 View from the Summit of South Twin
 Hikers taking a break on South Twin (Franconia Ridge in the background)
 The Twinway
 Mount Garfield behind Southwest Twin
 The Slides of the Twinway
 Alton, David, and Tom on the Twinway
 The Twinway
 Mount Guyot
 Hiking on the Bondcliff Trail
 West Bond from Mount Guyot
 Carrigain Notch
 Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge
 Bondcliff as seen from Mount Bond
 Bondcliff Ridge
Descending into the Bond/Bondcliff col on the Bondcliff Trail
 Mount Bond from Bondcliff's summit area
 David and Alton on Bondcliff
 Thumbs up for Bondcliff!
 David getting up close and personal with Bondcliff
 Bondcliff with West Bond
 Mount Bond
On the ledge of Bondcliff 
 Hanging out
 Having a little too much fun on the ledge
 David and Tom on Bondcliff
 Alton enjoying her stay on the Cliffs of Bond
 Wilderness Trail
 End of a great hike
 Lincoln Woods East Branch Pemigewasset River Suspension Bridge


  1. Wow. These are great photos. Looks like a fun hike.

    1. Hey Andy, glad you enjoyed the pictures, thanks! The Twins and the Bonds have always been some of my favorite mountains to hike, great views, great trails!


  2. Chris,
    I enjoy reading your stuff. Killer long trips. I believe you are wearing Lasportiva Raptors? If so, are you happy with them? I'm taking mine on a test drive this weekend.


    1. Hi Petch, glad you enjoy the blog, thanks!

      The Raptors are excellent, I have been wearing them for a year and they are super comfortablke and have excellent grip which is perfect for the boulders and rock slab on some of the tougher trails.

      Enjoy them!