Pemi Loop

Date of Hike: 7/8/12

Lincoln Woods Trail 4.7 miles 
Bondcliff Trail 6.9 miles
Twinway 2.8 miles
Garfield Ridge Trail  6.6 miles
Franconia Ridge Trail 5.0 miles
Osseo Trail 4.1 miles
Lincoln Woods Trail 1.4 miles
31.5 miles
9,000 elevation gain

Trail Conditions: Bone dry, Black Brook water crossings all low and rock hop-able. Reliable water sources along trail - Garfield Pond & Garfield Ridge tentsite spur junction, multiple water crossings first 2.5 miles on Bondcliff Trail, East Branch Pemi River along LW/W Trail.

Alton and Kelsey ready for a Pemi Loop
The both of us look so clean before the hike!
East Branch Suspension Bridge at Lincoln Woods
Franconia Brook foot bridge
Entering the Pemigewasset Wilderness
The Wilderness Trail
Trail running along the Wilderness Trail
Kelsey crossing Black Brook
Staircase section of the Bondcliff Trail
Alton and Kelsey hiking up the Bondcliff Trail
Kelsey climbing up the short scramble on the way to Bondcliff
Mount Lincoln and Lafayette from Bondcliff
Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge
Looking over to Loon Mountain
The Hancock Range
Kelsey taking pictures of the Pemi
Heading up the Bondcliff Trail With Liberty and Flume Mountain in the distance
Bondcliff and Mount Bond
Bondcliff, West Bond, and Bond
Alton on the Bondcliff summit flats
Alton and Kelsey head to the Cliffs of Bond
Alton on Bondcliff
Alton and Kelsey
Myself on Bondcliff
Descending Bondcliff
The girls coming off Bondcliff
Heading along the Bondcliff Trail
Looking back at Bondcliff
Kelsey heading up to Mount Bond
Alton and Kelsey on Mount Bond
West Bond from Mount Guyot
N. Guyot from Guyot
Heading to the Twin Range
The Twinway
The girls on South Twin
Alton on South Twin
South Twin Summit
Galehead Hut and Mount Garfield
Alton reading us a story!
Galehead Hut
Galehead Hut and South Twin
Hiking on the Garfield Ridge Trail
Franconia Ridge from Mount Garfield
Pemigewasset Wilderness
Hiker taking picture of the Twin and Bond Range
Galehead, South, and North Twin
Kelsey with Mount Garfield in the background
Cannon Mountain
The Garfield Ridge Trail above treeline north of Mount Lafayette
Kelsey at the Skookumchuck Trail Junction
The Garfield Ridge Trail
Kelsey enjoying the hike above treeline (Mount Garfield in the background)
Alton taking a break for a picture the Garfield Ridge Trail
Approaching Mount Lafayette
Alton enjoying the views of the Pemigewasset Wilderness
Greenleaf Hut and the Kinsman Ridge
Greenleaf Hut and Eagle Lake
Alton making her way up to Mount Lafayette
Greenleaf Hut and Cannon Mountain
Mount Lafayette Summit
Classic Franconia Ridge picture
Pemigewasset Wilderness
Kinsman Ridge
Kelsey makes a new friend
Heading south on the Franconia Ridge Trail
??? doesn't really look pretty while hiking
Mount Liberty and Flume
View from Mount Liberty
Mount Liberty
Kinsman Ridge
Mount Liberty, Lincoln, and Lafayette from Flume Mountain
Flume Mountain
Osseo Trail Ladder Steps
First section of the Pemi Loop - Bonds and Twin Range
The Bonds
Owl's Head
Lincoln Woods Trail
We look clean but very tired
Alton and Kelsey (Kelsey's first Pemi Loop - she killed it!)


  1. Chris, Alton and Kelsey, congrats! How did we miss you on the ridge? Chris, Bill and I were up there as well!

    Hope you eyed the Lincoln Slide while you were up there, we did and we're looking at that soon.

    1. Hey Scott, we got to the Skookumchuck Trail junction around 4pm so it looks like we probably missed you by a half hour to an hour or so. That wind was pretty wicked up there on the ridge, lots of fun! And of course I eyed the slide on my way over the ridge!

  2. Great photos, Chris. What a great day for views. I'll be up for Seek the Peak weekend. Not sure I'll hike W, maybe the northern Presis and some others. But will be there for the party.

    1. Arkie, have a great time doing Seek the Peak, hope you get some great views!

  3. Your shot of the Bonds near sunset is just incredible! The lighting makes all the difference. What a day to be out and doing such an ambitious loop.

    1. Owen, I love the shadows the mountains cast late in the day on a day like this, everything becomes pretty cool to look at.

  4. Can't come up with anything to say other than WOW!


    1. Thanks John, your pictures from your Mount Jefferson hike where out of this world too!

  5. Great pics!!! Thanks for sharing!