North and Middle Tripyramid (#10 & #11)

Date of Hike: 1/17/10

Pine Bend Brook Trail: 4.5 miles
Mount Tripyramid Trail: .6 miles
Pine Bend Brook Trail: 4.5 miles
Total Miles: 9.6 (3,450 elevation gain)

Trip Report:
- On trail at 7:45am, finished at 12:15pm, temps in the mid 20's, no wind, cloudy day with no views
- Wore snowshoes the whole day, trail was well packed
- Pine Bend Brook Trail "is what it is." The trail follows a brook and bends around a forest full of pine trees
- The trail is pretty level until you enter the Sandwich Range Wilderness then it becomes steep to very steep near the top
- Didn't see anyone until came across a group of eight guys at the Scaur Ridge trail junction when I was descending.  Saw five more people around the Sandwich Range boundry
-  When I finished the hike I went online to check tomorrow's forecast on Mount Washington which will be a waste of a day but I noticed todays forecast for the summit had changed since last night and was in the clear with an undercast.  If I had known this in the morning I would have hiked in Mount Washington!

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NorthTripyramid Summit

Middle Tripyramid Summit

Pine Bend Brook Trail


  1. lucia says you should be wearing a scarf. the mother instinct never ends!

  2. The camelback didn't freeze, the only part that freezes is the tube part when the temps are around zero

    I don't have a scarf but I do have one of those fleece neck warmers which covers my neck up to above my nose, I always wear it, I just took it off for the photo I swear!