Mount Tecumseh (#12)

Date of Hike: 1/18/09

Mount Tecumseh Trail: 5.0 miles (2,400 elevation gain)

Trip Report:
- On Trail at 8:40am, finished at 11:00am
- There was about 4 inches of fresh snow that had fallen over the night and it was already broken out
- Highlight of the hike was seeing the only person I ran into descending via a small butt sled!  He had sledded 90% of the trail only stopping on the parts near the summit that were to narrow and one or two level sections.
- Some descent views from the ski slope outlooks and the last .3 mile up to the summit.  Higher elevations were clouded up so no good views of the Osceola's or Tripyramids
- Not an exciting hike but it's on the list and I was pretty beat up from hiking on Friday (which was made tougher from getting lost and breaking trail), snowboarding Cannon Mountain on Saturday (which included a few falls on the diamonds), hiking on Sunday, and having a gnarly head cold with an annoying cough which slowed me down a little on steeper sections

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Tangent Ski Trail Outlook

View from Tecumseh Summit 

Mount Tecumseh Trail

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