Mount Tom, Field, and Willey

Date of Hike: 9/13/08

Avalon Trail: 1.3 miles
A-Z Trail: 1.0 miles
Mount Tom Spur: 1.2 miles
Willey Ridge Trail: 3.4 miles
Ethan Pond Trail: .3 miles
Kendron Flume Trail: .9 miles
Rail Road Tracks: 3 miles
Total Miles: 11.1

Trip Report:
- Solo hike, overnight in car at Crawford Path Parking lot, WMNF security came driving by checking cars but didn't see me
- Weather was 60-70 degrees, cloudy and misty until late morning then it cleared up
- Walked train tracks back to Crawford Hostel, train came by, ran off tracks and hid behind tree
- Flags on 48 day, people hike up and put the American flag on every one of the 48 - 4,ooo footers
- Met an AMC worker at Mount Field summit going the opposite way, later in the day I saw him and gave him a ride back to the Willey House

Sun trying to break through on Willey Ridge trail
Mount Field Summit
Tracks back to Crawford Hostel


  1. Ae the summits all completely wooded?

  2. Hi Anonymous, yeah the 3 summits of Tom, Field, and Willey are wooded. Mount Tom has some partial views and Willey has a pretty cool outlook just past the summit. But all the hiking is in the woods, although there are some views along the ridge