Mount Washington

Date of Hike: 10/11/08

Jewell Trail: 2.7 miles
Gulfside Trail: 1.4 miles
Tuckerman Ravine Trail: .4 miles
Lions Head Trail: 1.6 miles
Tuckerman Ravine Trail: 2.3 miles
Total Miles: 8.4

Trip Report:
- Hiked with my dad and Brad Andrews
- Perfect weather, no wind until summit cone, visibility 75 + miles, Temps 40-60 degrees
- Old man hiked tracks last .4 to the summit, took Cog down and picked us up at Pinkham Notch Visitor Center
- Perfect views of Wildcats and Carter Range coming down Lions Head
- Rocks only had frost and very little ice on West side of mountain, and only on last .4 up to summit
- Cloud cover only came when we were at the summit eating and waiting for my dad to finish summiting
- 50+ miles gust on observation deck but little wind anywhere else
- Had the "Usual" at the dog, cup of chowder, cookie, apple, and Gatorade

Jewell/Gulfside Trail Junction
Great Gulf Wilderness
Gulfside Trail looking back at Mount Clay
Mount Monroe and Lakes of the Clouds
Lions Head Trail and Wildcat Mountain

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