Mount Adams (5,774 feet)

Mount Adams from Mount Jefferson Loop Trail

Mount Adams is the second highest mountain in the White Mountains at 5,774 feet.  The rocky narrow summit is located between Jefferson and Madison, there are also several sub-peaks of Adams (JQ Adams, Sam Adams, Abigail Adams & V).  The summit cone of Adams and all the trails leading up to its peaks are above treeline and exposed to any harsh weather that comes through, sometimes with very little warning.  The views from Mount Adams summit are spectacular, and as far a the 48 - 4,000 footers go, few if any beat if for views.

There are several ways to approach the summit of Mount Adams from Appalachia thanks to the RMC (Randolph Mountaineering Club).  The shortest mileage to the summit is via the Airline Trail, although there several trails that come up the ravines to a rallying point at 'Thunderstorm Junction' which is marked by a huge cairn where many trails intersect. 

From the Great Gulf side the Buttress and Madison Gulf trails go up to Star Lake, located a few hundred feet from Madison Spring Hut.  From here the summit can be accessed via the Star Lake Trail.  There used to be a trail up the Adams Slide that was extremely steep and attacked Adams directly from the east off the Buttress Trail near the Six Husbands trail junction.  This trail was abandoned in the late 1960's, the slide itself is completely overgrown but the old path can still be followed by experienced off trail hikers.

Trails I've Hiked

-Airline: 4.3 miles, 4,500 feet elevation gain.  Airline is the most direct route to the summit of Mount Adams with moderate to steep grades and rough footing.  It climbs up over the Durand Ridge on a knife's edge with fantastic views into the King Ravine.  The last 1.3 miles are above treeline and can be extremely unpleasant and difficult in bad weather.

-King Ravine Trail: 4.6 miles, 4,500 feet elevation gain (via Airline and Short Line).  The King Ravine Trail is one of the wildest and most beautiful trails in all of the White Mountains.  It's very steep, has pretty awful footing, and can be impassable in bad weather.  The views while in the ravine are spectacular and one of a kind as the trail passes through, under, and over boulder caves on the 'Subway' and 'Ice Caves' loop paths which are options that branch off the trail proper. The climb up the headwall of the ravine up through "The Gateway" is extremely short (in length only) and steep 0.6 miles with an elevation gain over 1,300 feet!

-Great Gully Trail: 4.5 miles, 4,500 feet elevation gain (via Airline, Short Line, King Ravine, Lowe's Path).  The Great Gully Trail branches off from the King Ravine Trail a few hundred yards past where the Subway and Elevated  rejoin.  It is a very lightly used and steep trail ascending 1,700 feet in just 1.0 miles.  Footing is rough and rugged and the trail is very narrow at times.  The trail has incredible views down into the King Ravine and across and up to Durand Ridge (Where the Airline traverses the ridge) as you ascend.  The main attraction of the trail is an overhanging rock on a ledge with an outcropping rock where there is a sheer drop of hundreds of feet!  Experienced hikers will find this fun as it is a 'lemon squeezer' in-between the ledge and overhanging rock where bulkier packs may have to be removed. 

Adams Slide Trail: 6.3 miles, 4,600 feet elevation gain (via Great Gulf and Six Husbands Trail). CAUTION: The Adams Slide Trail has been abandoned for over forty years since the 1960's.  The slide is fully overgrown and the trail should only be attempted by experienced hikers who are comfortable with tough and steep bushwhacks.  The Adams Slide Trail AKA the 'Beast of the East' is a defunct trail that continues strait up where the Buttress Trail takes a sharp right across an open talus field.  In just 1.25 miles it ascends 2,400 feet and was considered to be the steepest trail in all of the White Mountains.  The abandoned trail can be followed with care as there are still red blazes on rocks here and there. Once above treeline the trail continues up the open south eastern slope of Mount Adams with incredible views into Jefferson Ravine and the Great Gulf Wilderness.

-Comments: While not as high as Mount Washington, Mount Adams packs just as much punch because of some of the longer approaches and elevation gain from the west and no direct approaches from the east.  Views from Adams small-sharp-jagged summit into the Great Gulf up to Jefferson, Clay and Washington are incredible!

Trip Reports:

November 19th, 2016: Presidential Range Traverse, North to South

November 18th, 2016: Up Airline, down Airline, Upper Bruin, and Valley Way (No Report)

August 20th, 2016: Up Great Gulf Trail, Across Gulfside Trail w/ Clay & Jefferson Loops, Low's Path, Airline, Up and down Osgood Trail, down Daniel Webster Scout Trail, Great Gulf Link

August 4th, 2016: RUN NH48, Up and down Airline

June 18th, 2016: Presi VS. Great Range Challenge

June 16th, 2016: Presidential Range Traverse (No Report)

June 11th, 2016: Adams Vertical Day Challenge

May 29th, 2016: Airline, Star Lake, Osgood Trail, Watson Path, Pine Link, Airline Cutoff, Upper Bruin, Valley Way, Lower Bruin, Brookside, Fallsway

January 7th, 2016: Valley Way, Osgood Trail, Star Lake Trail, Lowe's Path, Gulfside Trail, Mount Jefferson Loop, Randolph Path, Amphibrach, The Link, Presi Rail Trail

October 12th, 2015: The Link, Cabin-Cascades Trail, Randolph Path, Spur Trail, Hincks Trail, Gray Knob Trail, Israel Ridge Trail, Gulfside Trail, Lowe's Path, Sput Trail, Randolph Path, Beechwood Way, Sylvan Way, Maple Walk

September 26th, 2015: Presidential Range Traverse Run, North to South

August 2nd, 2015: Up Pine Link Trail, Howker Ridge Trail, Osgood Trail, across Gulfside Trail, up and down Jefferson Loop, across Gulfside Trail, up and down Clay Loop, up Gulfside Trail, down Crawford Path, Southside, Tuckerman Crossover, Camel Trail, Davis Path, Glen Boulder Trail, Direttissima

April 19th, 2015:  Up Airline, down Gulfside, up Osgood Trail, down Watson Path and Valley Way

March 10th, 2015:  Up Valley Way, Up and down Osgood Trail, Up and down Gulfside and Airline trails, down Valley Way

December 15th, 2014: Presidential Range Traverse, North to South

August 9th, 2014: Up Lowe's Path, King Ravine, and Airline, down Lowes Path

June 15th, 2014: Presidential Range Traverse, North to South

October 12th, 2013: Presidential Range Traverse

August 10th, 2013: MMD 50K

July 21st, 2013: Double Presidential Range Traverse

July 13th, 2013: Up Huntington, down Great Gulf, up Adams Slide, down Lowe's Path, across Gulfside, up Jefferson Loop, down Gulfside and the Sphinx, out Great Gulf, Madison Gulf, and Old Jackson Road

March 9th, 2013: Presidential Range Traverse

February 26th, 2013: Up and down Valley Way, Osgood Trail, Gulfside Trail,and Airline
May 20th, 2012: Double Presidential Traverse

May 19th, 2012: Madison through Isolation Loop

July 30th, 2011: MMD - More and More Difficult: "Pinkham Notch Loop" Dolly Copp Road, Route 16, Up North Branch of Imp Trail, across Carter-Moriah and Wildcat Ridge, down Polecat Ski Trail, up-over-down Lila's Ledge to Old Jackson Road, Up Tuckerman Ravine and Lion Head to Washington, across Clay, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison via Gulfside, Clay Loop, Jefferson Loop, Isreal Ridge/Lowe's Path, and Osgood Trail, down Daniel Webster-Scout Trail, road walk back to Barnes Field

February 16th, 2011: Up and down Valley Way, Osgood Trail, Airline, Gulfside Trail, Mount Jefferson Loop Trail

November 13th, 2010: Up Watson Path, across Gulfside Trail, down Castle Trail

Saturday October 2nd, 2010: Up Airline, Short Line, King Ravine, down Star Lake Trail and Valley Way

August 15th, 2010: Up abandoned Adams Slide Trail, down Star Lake, Madison Gulf, and Great Gulf Trails

July 30th, 2010: Up Ariline, Short Line, King Ravine, and Great Gully to Thunderstorm Junction, across Gulfside Trail, up and down Jefferson Loop, back across Gulfside Trail, Lowe's Path to Adams Summit, down Airline and out Valley Way

July 17th, 2010: Up King Ravine and Airline, Adams I-V Peaks, down Lowe's Path, Spur Trail, and the Amphibranch

June 19th, 2010: Full Presidential Traverse (North to South)

May 30th, 2010: Up Great Gulf and Six Husbands Trail to Jefferson, across Gulfside Trail to Adams, down Star Lake Trail, Osgood Trail over summit of Madison and back down and out via Great Gulf Trail

March 27th, 2010: Up Valley Way, up and down Madison via Osgood Trail, up and down Adams via Airline & Lowe's Path, across Gulfside Trail, up Jefferson Loop Trail and back

November 7th, 2009: Up Valley Way over to the Airline down Randolph Path

September 19th, 2009: Up Castle Trail, across Gulfside Trail, up Lowe's Path, down Howker Ridge Trail

August 8th, 2009: Presidential Traverse (South to North)

June 28th, 2008: Presidential Traverse (North to South)

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