Mount Jefferson, Mount Adams, Mount Madison Loop

Date of Hike: 9/19/09

The link: 6.0 miles
Castle Trail: 1.5 miles
Jefferson Loop Trail: .3 miles
Gulfside Trail: 1.5 miles
Lowe's Path: .3 miles
Star Lake Trail: 1.0 miles
Osgood Trail: .8 miles
Howker Ridge Trail: 3.5 miles
Sylvan Way: 1.0 miles
Maple Walk: .2 miles

Total Miles: 16.1 (elevation gain 6,100)

Trip Report:
- Solo hike, left Johnny 5's house in CT at 4:30am on trail at 8:45am finished at 5:30pm
- Weather started out at 45 degrees and fell to low/mid 30's (wind chill mid teens to low 20's). Consistent 40 plus mph wind above tree line with gust up to 70 mph. Higher elevations clouded in until early afternoon, lower elevations clear skies
- Hiked link in tshirt with long sleeve shirt on and fall gloves on. Added fleece pullover at start of Castle Trail. Put on Winter Hat, gloves, neck warmer just before first castle. Put on Winter wind and rain resistant jacket on at The Cornice Junction sign and kept it on until Howker Ridge Trail. Full winter conditions (minus traction)
- Frost on trees above 3750 feet that would fall off fern branches and into the trail
- Rime ice on all rocks and trail last mile on Castle trail to Jefferson summit. Rime ice a constant all around the trail but not on it the rest of the way until descending Mount Adams
- Wind was out of the North/Northwest and would blow you around a few feet
- Howker Ridge Tail is a poor man's version of the Garfield Ridge Trail, lots of ups and downs, not as severe but at the end of a long hike a royal pain in the butt, better yet a royal pain in the knees
- New hiking boots came in handy, beat the crap out of them!

Hiking up to the first Castle
Castle Trail
Mount Jefferson Summit
Gulfside Trail Star Lake and Mount Madison Summit
Mount Washington
Rime Ice on last mile of Castle Trail
High winds on Mount Adams

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