Winter is coming . . . Kinsmans :)

Date of Hike: 11/18/17

Mount Kinsman Trail: 3.7 miles  /  Kinsman Ridge Trail: 2.6 miles  /  Mount Kinsman Trail: 1.6 miles  /  Bald Peak Spur: 0.4 miles  /  Mount Kinsman Trail: 2.1 miles
Total Miles: 10.4 (4,050 feet elevation gained)

 Old sugar house about a half mile in along the Mount Kinsman Trail

 Lower part of the Mount Kinsman Trail

Heading up an old woods road part of the trail

 Mossy Falls Brook

Bald Peak summit

Mount Moosilauke

This is a short old section of trail, the current trail swings around this part.  It's usually a wet mess, but with the snow and frozen ground I easily hike it

 Mount Lafayette and Lincoln as seen from North Kinsman

Kinsman Pond with Carpenter's Ridge leading up to Mount Lincoln in view

Looking to the south to Loon Mountain with the Sandwich Range off in the distance

 Shining Rock, Dry Brook Ravine, and Little Haystack

Cannon Mountain (left), Mount Lafayette and Lincoln 

 Hiking towards South Kinsman

Kinsman Ridge Trail

South Kinsman summit

South Kinsman summit area

Franconia Ridge as seen from North Kinsman

Hiking back down to the Mount Kinsman junction on the Kinsman Ridge Trail


  1. Hi Chris,

    My husband and I are looking at doing our first winter hike in the White Mountains this coming weekend. Any good recommendations? we're fairly experienced hikers, not as much in winter but being from Canada we're well equipped for the cold. I've heard Lafayette and Mount Moosilauke are great. Do you think these might be too intense for our first time?

    1. Moosiluake is a great hike to do to get a taste of winter hiking. The Gorge Brook or Glencliff/Carriage Road trails are both good options. Gorge Brook Trail is well protected until the last few hundred feet, where as the last mile along the Carriage Road on the Glencliff approach is out in the open, so you get more of the above treeline experience in the high winds.

      One of the easier 4,000 footer to hike is Mount Pierce, last couple of hundred feet is above treeline with tremendous views!

      Hope you get a nice weather day!


    2. thanks for the quick reply! Will keep an eye out for weather in the next few days

  2. Just an FYI, Ravine Lodge Road is listed as closed for the winter so there would be a FSR walk up to the junction.

    1. Yeah, that road has been closed since the storm a few weeks ago. It was in rough shape to begin with from all the construction that was going on for the new lodge.

  3. Thanks for the great post, Im considering this for Wednesday. The weather looks like there will be some snowfall. Pup will love it.

    1. Have fun, hope you get a winter wonderland hike in!