Tri 48

Snow Season Triathlon 48

I can't outrun father time, but I'm sure as hell going to make it hard for him to catch me!

When the mountains are buried in snow I love to hike, but after years of breaking trail I now pick and choose my trail breaking days for the most part.  Also, with the addition of Sarge, who is not a trail breaking dog or suited for physically demanding days, this leaves me needing to fill that physical challenge hole while also getting in some trail time with Sarge.  So I came up with hiking the 48 - 4,000 footers after doing an indoor triathlon at the Royalty Inn Athletic Club.  I start off with a one mile swim, which is 70 laps in the 25 yard pool.  I follow this by doing the hill climb on the stationary bike, level 15, 12.5 miles.  The bike is old so it doesn't list any elevation but I assume it's a pretty good amount (+/- 2,000') as I end up drenched head to toe in sweat.  Last, is a 5K flat sprint on the treadmill.  I am not a fan of the treadmill so I just turn up the speed and get it over with as quickly as possible.  Once I am finished I head home for a nice big breakfast, load up the Jeep with gear and the puppy before heading out to hike a 4K...or two!

This challenge also simulates my hiking/running during the snow free months.  My pace in the pool is a slow but steady rate of speed, which simulates cruising along a ridge.  The bike is all uphill, so it simulates the grind to gain a ridge.  Finally, the treadmill is pure speed, which simulates fast descents.

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