Hiking Links

1 Happy Hiker: An amazing collection of pictures and trip reports to some of the most beautiful and remote places in New England!

1 Slow Hiker:  Marvin's blog about his quest for the 48, 67, and the 100 highest!

Adventures in New England:  Adam's blog about trail running in the White Mountains. He is also one of the best ultra-marathon trail runners in the United States, competing and excelling in 50K's to 100 milers.

ADK High Peaks Forum:  A good resource for information on hiking in the Adirondacks

Andrew Lavigne:  One of the best hiking sites for planning hikes in the Adirondack High Peaks.  Detailed trip reports with pics and mileage.

DMOutdoors: Dan's trip reports and pics about hiking all over New England, lots of good information on what to expect when hiking at all hours of the day

Doug Jansen's Hill Junkie:  Excellent cycling blog and a recent 48 finisher!

Ethan and Summerset Banks, Hiking in the White Mountains:  A collection of well written trip report and beautiful pictures detailing Summerset's hikes as well as her son Ethan's hikes for his 48 - 4,000 footers

Hiking and Fishing:  Max's hiking and fishing blog sharing his experiences. A native of New Hampshire, the sites content focuses mainly on New England, but also documents his time elsewhere.

Jeremy Clark's Hiking Website:  One of the best sites around for planning hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, as well as the New England 67.  Excellent trip reports with detailed information on driving directions and mileage

Jesse Veinotte: Early Morning Trails: Ultra runner Jesse blogs about his hikes and trail runs, both competitive and non competitive.

Larisa Runs Trail: Larisa Dannis's site about her trail runs and ultra marathons.  She is one of the best ultra trail runners in the country.

Live Free and Hike: A great read and a fun blog to visit for information on hiking all over the White Mountains.

Mount Washington Observatory:  Everything you want to know about old George!

Mountain Wandering:  Steve' Smith's blog, he is the owner of Mountain Wanderer Map and Book Store in Lincoln, NH, he is also a co-editor of AMC White Mountain Guide.  His reports and pictures provide a wealth of knowledge about the trails and mountains that are second to no one.

New England Outside: Site on hiking, running, paddling, and other outdoor pursuits all in one place!

New England Trail Conditions:  Detailed trail Conditions for all trails in New England.  Trail conditions are submitted by any hiker.

NJ/NY Hikes:  A very informative and well organized site with trip reports and information on hiking in the Catskills and Adirondacks

Redline Guiding: Outdoor Adventures and Wilderness Education for All Ages and Abilities

Random Group of Hikers: A meetup website for those looking to go on hikes in the northeast.  Variety of hikes for all abilities, lead by knowledgeable and prepared organizers.

Run Sue Run:  One of the most accomplished Ultra runners / hikers/ adventures in the country.  You name it and she's done it over the past twenty plus years!  Plenty of well written accounts of her incredible accomplishments.

Section Hiker:  Philip Werner, hiking and backpacking for beginners and experts

Such Great Heights: Rachel Kowalsky's blog about her journey on hiking the New England 67 and the Grid with her dog Isis

Tim Lucia's Blog:  Site with detailed reports and pics about hiking the New England 67 and the 100 Highest.

TrailsNH.com:  A site that collects trail conditions and trip reports from other forums and blogs.  A northeast hikers portal with tons of information!

Trish, Alex, and Sage A mother and her two daughters hiking adventures in the White Mountains, along with high-pointing road trips across the United States.

Two Brother's Hikes: Scott's blog about hiking in the White Mountains.  Good source for those looking to hike all winter peaks in a single season who do not live near the mountains.  Detailed reports with links to pictures!

Views from the Top:  A hiking forum with lots of information on trail conditions and trip reports.

WMNF Road Status Page:  Information on whether or not the roads are closed or open yet.  Comes in handy in late fall and the middle of the spring.


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