Bear Pond in Redrock Ravine

Date of Hike: 11/24/17

Lincoln Wood Trail: 2.9 miles  /  Franconia Brook Trail: 3.6 miles  /  Bushwhack: 5.0 miles  /  Franconia Brook Trail: 3.6 miles  /  Lincoln Woods Trail: 2.9 miles
Total Miles: 18.0 (2,650 feet elevation gained)

Trip Report:  
- On Black Friday I headed off trail with Todd in the Pemi to one of my favorite secluded spots, Bear Pond in Redrock Ravine, click here for Todd's pictures.  As far as bushwhacks go, it's on the milder side but it's a long haul from any trailhead, making it a very lightly traveled destination.  This would be my third time to Bear Pond, first time since 2014, and it's still as beautiful as it was then.
- The bushwhack through the woods was covered in snow, a coating to a couple of inches, making for a pretty straightforward whack to the pond.  Still, the snow made the navigating the ground a little more difficult towards the end as I had to double check my map to make sure I was on course, sure enough a few minutes after checking the map we were next to Bear Pond, only having to fight through the "forest of solitude" that surrounds the pond.
- We lucked out with clearing skies and abundant sunshine upon our arrival around noontime.  We Circumvented the pond and ate lunch from the talus field viewing area, taking in the unique views well off the beaten path in the heart of the Pemigewasset Wilderness.
- After spending awhile relaxing and taking pictures, we finally made our way back into the woods eventually meandering over to the Franconia Brook Trail, before making the the long hike back to the trailhead.
- Bear Pond is always a magical place to visit, and I'm already looking forward to coming back here with Sarge and Whitney, once Sarge is old enough to hike.  :)

Treasure map to Bear Pond that I found in the attic of my friend Mikey's house in Astoria

Bear Pond with West Bond in view

Clouds clearing off over Bear Pond

Zoom in of West Bond's "ALIVE" talus slide.  My friend Pam on the FaceSpace said if you look at it from an angle it looks like a cartoon dog.  It totally does, I never noticed that before!!

Pano of Bear Pond

Bear Pond Slide

Bear Pond Slide and Bear Pond

View from the bank of the pond

Bear Pond

Talus field viewing area

Pano of Bear Pond from the pond's outlet

Looking down the upper end of Redrock Brook

Todd makes his way through a fairly open section of the bushwhack

Redrock Brook

Hiking along an old railroad grade

One of the very few pieces of railroad relic left behind in this area

Todd taking a break along the old railroad grade

Heading out the Franconia Brook Trail

Franconia Brook Trail

Strongest little tree in the Pemi!

This picturesque pond hugs the Franconia Brook Trail

Lincoln Woods Trail

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