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Date of Hikes 1/14, 1/15, 1/17

Mount Eisenhower, Pierce, and Jackson with Kyle and Matt: 11.5 miles (3,622' elevation gained)
Mount Isolation with Denise, Kyle, and Matt: 12.6 miles (3,145' elevation gained)
Mount Moriah - hike up CM, run down SB, road walk NH16 and RR tracks loop: 11.7 miles (3,295' elevation gained)

Mileage and elevation data  from Garmin Forerunner 920XT

 Breaking out above treeline on the Crawford Path on a crystal clear day is one of the more beautiful sights you'll see when hiking

Heading up the frosty Mount Eisenhower Loop

View of Mount Monroe, Washington, Clay, Jefferson, and Adams, as seen from Mount Eisenhower's summit

 Mount Eisenhower used to be named Pleasant Dome because of it's easily spotted dome appearance from other peaks.  It has a beautiful alpine meadow on the top of it

Zoom-in of Mount Monroe and Washington

 Clouds start to move in over Eisenhower as we descended

Heading south to Mount Pierce along the Crawford Path

 The Presidential Range as seen from Mount Pierce

Mizpah Springs Hut, closed until May!

 Alpine bog along the Webster-Cliff Trail.  Mount Jackson in view

Presidential Range as seen from Mount Jackson

Early morning on the Rocky Branch Trail

Engine Hill Birch Glades looking gloomy before the clouds clear off

Snow bridge!  This makes hiking in the winter easier, no need to rock hop!
Hiking along the Davis Path

We made it to the summit just a tad early as the clouds were not yet clearing off.  Looking north to North Isolation from Mount Isolation's summit

 Kyle tells a Gray Jay to stay away from his food!

The highlight of Mount Isolation is hiking through these wide open Birch Glades

Carter-Moriah Trail up from Bangor Street, not one of the most attractive trails!  Icy morning in spots along this path

However, there is a nice view of the Presidential Range from Mount Surprise.

Undercast floating through the notch while I was on Mount Moriah's summit

Descending the ledges below the summit there are great views of the Carter and Presidential ranges

"Look, you guys can go around if you want to; I'm crossing here. And while you guys are dragging your candy asses halfway across the state and back, I'll be waiting for you on the other side, relaxing with my thoughts." - Teddy Duchamp

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