Undercast from Franocnia Ridge

Date of Hike: 1/20/17

Old Bridle Path: 2.9 miles / Greenleaf Trail: 1.1 miles / Franconia Ridge Trail: 1.7 miles / Falling Waters Trail: 3.2 miles
Total Miles: 8.9 (4,154 feel elevation gained) A.M.C White Mountain Guide Online

Trip Report:
- Some days you time everything just right!  On Friday, I headed to Franconia Notch for a mid morning hike to catch an unbelievable undercast above 4,000 feet.  The tops of the mountains looked as if they were islands in a fluffy white sea as far as the eye could see!
- The weather above the clouds felt summer like as there was not a hint of wind until the approaching Little Haystack from Mount Lincoln, perfect Franconia Ridge conditions!
- Even little old Owl's Head was playing peek-a-boo in the middle of the Pemi, and it's ridge finally pushed through the cloud deck and enjoyed the undercast too.
- Not a bad start to the weekend :)

 Undercast explained from a professionally drawn and scientific sketch

 The bright sun shining through the undercast

Breaking through the undercast at Eagle Lake

Looking back at Greenleaf Hut.  Cannon Mountain, across the notch engulfed in the undercast

Looking south at Mount Lincoln as the cloud deck settles in at 4,000 feet

Pano, looking across the top of the notch

 A sea of clouds, with the Kinsmans and Moosilauke popping up above the undercast

Franconia Notch!

Mount Garfield, Twin, Guyot, and Presidential ranges

Pemi Wilderness, as seen from Mount Lafayette's summit

Twin, Guyot, Willey, and Presi ranges

Classic Franconia Ridge shot

Heading towards Mount Lincoln

The Bonds and Carrigain

The Bonds!

Guyot, Bonds, Carrigain, with Owl's Head trying to rise above!

Mount Lafayette and Garfield

What a day to be up above the clouds!

Twin, Guyot, Willey, and Presi ranges

Mount Lincoln with Moosilauke in the background

Little Haystack with Liberty and Flume


High noon along the Franconia Ridge

Yay for Owl's Head!  It joins in on the undercast fun :) 

Mountains in the sea.  Liberty and Flume

Carrigain and Hancocks

Kinsmans and Moosilauke

dropping back below the clouds :( 

Cloudland Falls

My Dion trail running snowshoes came in handy today below treeline.  Without them I would have been post-holing quite a bit!


  1. Amazing photos.
    Yes, inversion in the mountains is very beautiful. In my mountains are also unique

  2. Most impressive photo set I've seen from the Whites! Nice job capturing all of it.

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