Summer in November . . . Mount Isolation

Date of Hike: 11/5/15

Glen Boulder Trail:  3.0 miles  /  Davis Path: 4.7 miles  /  Glen Boulder Trail: 3.0 miles
Total Miles: 10.7 miles (4,723 feet elevation gained)

Trip Report
- On Thursday I took advantage of the warm weather and headed above treeline in the Presidential / Dry River Wilderness before dropping back down below treeline to Mount Isolation
- I pulled into the Glen Ellis trailhead around 7AM with temperatures hovering around fifty degrees.  While getting my gear ready I saw Peter and Derek (The Gibba and GraniteGuy from Hike-NH) who were spotting a car as they were doing a long and fun hike over 'headwalls' starting from the Great Gulf and eventually making their way back to Glen Ellis.
- I started up the Glen Boulder Trail in my t-shirt and would not have to layer up for the whole hike, a rarity in November.  The Glen Boulder Trail heads steeply up to treeline in a relatively short time, around 1.5 miles, where you come across the main attraction of the trail, a huge boulder just hanging out on the side of the trail.  The Glen Boulder is so big it can be seen from certain spots along Pinkham Notch on NH 16 a thousand plus feet below.
- Above the Boulder the grades and footing ease up as the trail heads back into the scrub and then pops out above treeline for good as it intersects the Davis Path around 5,000 feet in elevation.  This would be my highest elevation reached for the day as my goal, the summit of Mount Isolation, is barely above 4,000 feet so it was mostly downhill from here to the peak so to speak!
- The above treeling section here is one of the best in the Whites, I was under a time crunch so I couldn't wander around but if you're ever in this area and have good weather I'd suggest heading up to the Boott Spur for some super huge views.
- As I headed to Isolation I dropped down back below treeline and made my way over the trail which is a mixed bag of conditions.  Some spots have good footing but others are muddy and have rotted bog bridges.  However the trail has easy to moderate grades so other than the mud and roots it's a relatively easy hike.
- I timed my arrival to the summit perfectly as the clouds started blowing off Mount Washington's summit to the north.  Since it was warm out I took a nice break to eat and snap pictures before making my way UP to 5,000 before dropping back down the Glen Boulder Trail back to Pinkham Notch. :)

 The Glen Boulder Trail ascends steeply but get to the views in a relatively short distance

 Glen Boulder hanging out and looking over Pinkham Notch

There is a huge alpine meadow that the trail passes by over the last half mile on the way to the Davis Path

The Davis Path, mud and an old blowdown patch line the trail in here and there

 Other spots along the Davis Path are easier to travel with dry and decent footing

Mount Isolation's summit

Clouds clearing off of Mount Washington

Mount Monroe, Washington, and Boott Spur rising above Oakes Gulf

Descending the Glen Boulder Trail above the Gulf of Slides.  Pinkham Notch below with the Wildcat and Carter Range in view

Signs spotted along the way

Route for the day, click here for details 

Elevation profile.  Notice how much lower Isolation's summit is compared to my highest elevation of the day

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