Falling Foliage with a Side of Snow . . . North and South Kinsman

Date of Hike: 10/18/15

Mount Kinsman & Kinsman Ridge Trail: 10.1 miles (3,768 feet elevation gained)

Pictures below, I ran these through Photoshop and turned up the saturation to bring out the color.  My apple phone camera doesn't do a good job at bringing out the colors as my cameras in past years did.  Next year I'll invest in a camera and start taking better pictures again!

 Hiking up the Mount Kinsman Trail.  The first two miles are relatively flat over old roads.  It passes by a sugar shack

The trail is blanketed with fallen leaves of a variety of colors

In my opinion this ascent up to Kinsman Ridge is definitely more enjoyable than the Fishin' Jimmy Trail 

A small but beautiful cascade on that the trail crosses below

The Kinsman Ridge Trail over North Kinsman.

Along Kinsman Ridge on the way to South Kinsman and back across

Descending back through as the leaves fall off the trees.  Peak foliage will have passed up in the north county by now

I took a side detour off the old trail and found another sugar shack

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