After Work on the Willey Range : Mount Field, Willey, & Tom

Date of Hike: 7/17/15

Avalon Trail: 2.7 miles  /  Willey Range Trail: 3.6 miles  /  Mount Tom Spur: 1.0 miles  /  A-Z Trail: 2.0 miles
Total Miles 9.3 miles (3,520 feet elevation gained)

Trip Report:
- Friday after work I headed to the Willey Range for a quiet and easy hike from the Highland Center in Crawford Notch...Enjoy the pics :)

 Bottom: Mile 0.0 the beginning of the Avalon Trail.  Top: Mile 1.0 Heading over easy footing and moderate grades to the A-Z trail junction

 Mile 1.65, View down to Crawford Notch and the Presidential Range

Left: Mile 2.0 Ascending the Avalon Trail to Mount Field.  Right: Mile 2.70 Mount Field summit

 Mile 2.70 Mount Tom as seen from the Mount Field downlook

 Left: Mile 3.0 Taveling along the wooded Willey Range Trail between Mount Field and Mount Willey.  Right: Mile 4.0 Mount Willey's summit

 Mile 4.03 Webster Cliff from the Mount Willey outlook

 Left: Mile 4.25 Mount Willey blowdown field.  Middle: Mile 5.0 Willey Range Trail between Mount Willey and Mount Field.  Right: Mile 6.0 Willey Range Trail between Mount Field and Mount Tom

 Mile 6.8  Mount Tom's summit and the view to the east to Zealand Valley and the Twin / Bond Range rising high above it

Left: Mile 7.0 heading down the Mount Tom Spur.  Middle: Mile 8.0 heading down the A-Z Trail.  Right: Mile 9.0 Heading down the Avalon Trail

 Mile 9.33 finished!

 Signs spotted along the way

Route for the day, click here for more details

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