Date of Hike: 7/25/15

Mount Tecumseh Trail: 5.6 miles (2,430 feet elevation gained)

Trip Report:
- After spending Friday night out in Providence with my friend Gina, I slowly made my way up to the White Mountains to get in a small hike before Whitney got out of work.  I decided to hike Mount Tecumseh via Tripoli Road.  I have hiked this mountain several times but for some reason I never did it from the this approach.  I wish I had because I definitely enjoy it just as much as the more popular route from Waterville Valley Ski Area.
- The trail has great footing and very easy grades up until the last half mile and even then it's not bad at all.  Compared to the Waterville side, this route is really quiet as it only sees a fraction of the foot traffic.  So, if you have never hiked Tecumseh via the Tripoli Road side definitely check it out, it's a nice little gem of a trail.

Trailhead off Tripoli Road.  Which is great during the summer as there are cars parked everywhere on the road for camping.

 There are two small water crossings at the start of the hike.  

 The trail ascends gradually up a nice dirt path through hardwoods

 The trail only gets rocky and steeper on the final approach up to the summit

 The summit is crowded in the summer but almost all these hikers came up from the Waterville side

 View from the summit outlook towards the Tripyramids

Route for the day, click here for details


  1. Thanks for sharing Chris! I also have not done this approach and now have it on my list for second round I am working on!

  2. Enjoy this way up Tecumseh and working on your second round! :)

  3. I have only done the Waterville side in winter, but much preferred this route myself.