Me, Myself, & the Bonds!

Date of Hike: 4/9/11

Lincoln Woods/Wilderness Trail: 4.7 miles
Bondcliff Trail: 6.1 miles
West Bond Spur: 1.0 miles
Bondcliff Trail: 6.1 miles
Lincoln Woods/Wilderness Trail: 4.7 miles
Total Miles: 22.8 (4,700 elevation gain)
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Trip Report:
- After finishing the Winter 48 in late February and rejuvenating my batteries I was anxious to head back up to the White Mountains and with a great forecast for Saturday it was a perfect day for a long hike deep into the Pemigewasset Wilderness to the Bonds!
- Left RI at 4:45am, on trail at 7:30am, Bondcliff summit 10:45am, Bond summit 11:30am, West Bond summit 12:10pm, finished 4:30pm. Temps started below freezing and soared into the 50's. Light wind with gusts up to 25mph. Crystal clear incredible views!
- Snow conditions in the morning on the flat Lincoln Woods/Wilderness Trail were ideal for microspikes and I was able to make great time to the Bondcliff Trail.  I ran into six hikers heading to the Black Pond trail on their way to Owl's Head, from here on out over the next twenty miles I would not see another soul along the way.
- Hiking up the Bondcliff Trail was pretty easy going as I kept the microspikes on without sinking into the snow. After the last stream crossing the snow depths were still high enough that the branches from the top of the trees were looking to poke my eyes out.  Luckily it wasn't to bad and soon enough I arrived at the short snow covered scramble and popped up above treeline to beyond awesome views!
- I stopped and took a much needed break on Bondcliff to put on dry clothes, refuel, and take a bunch of pictures while enjoying the great weather.
- The hike up to Bond was easy going as I was still able to stay in my microspikes.  I figured here I would start to run into people who stayed at the Guyot Campsite the night before or anyone doing a Zealand-Bonds Traverse but still no one in sight
- Views from Bond were just as great as Bondcliff as I could see about 35 of the 48-4,000 footers with Washington looming large off in the distance.
- Next stop was West Bond and from here I would have on my snowshoes for a better part of the rest of the day as the warm temps softened up the snow.
- The West Bond Spur Trail still has a ton of snow on it as in most places the snow is right up to the blazes, luckily the trail was broken out perfectly from the day before so it was no problem summiting.  Winds were whipping up pretty good while I was on West Bond so it was a short stay before heading back out.
- The hike back to the car was just as fun, I hit a wall between West Bond and Bond but after stuffing my face with food and Gatorade I was fine and of course the views hiking from Bond back down and up to Bondcliff made it easier to get into a groove.
- Before descending down from the "Cliffs of Bond" I stood around taking in one last good look of where I was and wondered on such an awesome weather day where the hell was everybody!
- Now it was time for the long nine mile suffer-fest down the Bondcliff Trail and out the Lincoln Woods/Wilderness Trail back to the car.  It was the same as it ever was...boring, however not as mind numbing as usual since all the railroad ties were beneath the snow meaning I would not be tripping up along the way stubbing my toes.
- Back at the car I relaxed for awhile and then headed south back to RI thrilled to be back hiking in the Whites!

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 Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge
 West Bond, Garfield, Lafayette, and Lincoln
 The Twin Range
 Mount Washington


  1. Holy crap! You made some good time on this hike! Great job and awesome photos.


  2. What a phenomenally awesome accomplishment + a super report and excellent photos!


  3. Thanks guys glad you like the pics and report!

  4. The Bonds are simply one of the best hikes in the Whites and pretty much anywhere for that matter.

  5. I agree! I think my favorite section of trail in the Whites is descending the Bondcliff Trail from Mount Bond where you can see the trail leading over to Bondcliff's summit and the Pemi Wilderness all around!