Goodbye Oregon, Hello Washington, Next Stop Canada !!!

This is my first time ever in Oregon and it's just WOW everyday. So beautiful. The best coffee. Really delicious beer. The trail is built for speed (with the exception of a 30 mile stretch that had 800 blowdowns, that was a slow and painful day). Highlights included Crater Lake and the Three Sisters Wilderness (the Obsidian section was incredible, I feel bad for all the hikers that skipped over it)

Making my way through Oregon :)  

 Every grocery store in Oregon has an amazing local beer selecation

Lava fields and Blowdowns.  So many blowdowns.  This was a rough day.  There were over 800 in a 30 mile stretch.

Arriving at the beyond beautiful Crater Lake

Crater Lake

What a breathtaking place to hike around :)

Even the chipmunks like to take in the view :)

Mount Thielsen, we headed up a steep scree field towards the summit and got as close to it as we could!

View from just below the summit of Mount Thielsen

Even in August the snow lingers in spots...and along the way we start running into horses!

Morning undercast

Diamond Peaks Wilderness. Mosquito hell but so beautiful. Totally worth all the bites.

Diamond Peaks Wilderness

Heading into the Three Sisters Wilderness

Big views all around in the Three Sisters Wilderness

Obsidian Falls

Obsidian Rock. Very rare and this particular type is only found in this area. It is a limited entry area but a PCT permit allows travel through it. We are not allowed to camp there however. It's hard to capture it with in iPhone camera but there is Obsidian rock everywhere and it is sparkling in the sun like diamonds. It was so beautiful.

North Sister Peak

Another beautiful section of trail

So many wild flowers in this section.  The smell was incredible!

North Sister Peak and lava flows

Lava flow switchbacks!

So the lava flows are pretty annoying to walk on. It's like waking on rough marbles. BUT it is one the coolest things I have ever seen in my life!! Walking through miles of lava flows is tiring but so freaking neat! And it is beautiful in its own special way.

My first good view of Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, and Mt. Jefferson in the distance. I could also see the top of Hood with my sunglasses on (top). I also want to climb up that...but this is the PCT...a 2,600 mile trail that does not summit any mountains. So another time maybe. (bottom)

Coming out of camp as the sun rises. Reggie Rocket is in front of me and with her hood on she looks like a girl off to her first day of school ☺️

The highway at McKenzie Pass goes right through the lava fields!

Another burn area, this one is eerily beautiful

More Lava. Getting closer to Washington. I want to climb that one too. (bottom).  Leaving the Lava fields and back into a lush green mountain range again (top).

Three Fingered Jack Peak

A sea of toothpick trees!

Beautiful and massive Mount Jefferson

Mount Jefferson from Ollalie Lake

Little Crater Lake: 40 feet deep, 34 degrees, and crystal clear...really cool!

Lake info :)

Mount Hood on the way to Timberline Lodge.  The last 1.5 miles up to Timberline Lodge is all beach sand. Makes for slow going. You really work up an appetite for the AYCE buffet 😄

Timberline Lodge, look familiar? Scared? You should be!!  The exterior shots for the Shinning were filmed here!!

This may be the coolest waterfall I have ever seen. If you look closely you can see me in my pink shorts about to walk behind Tunnel Falls. Oregon is one f***ing cool place.

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