South and North Boldface

Date of Hike: October 1990

 Baldface Circle Trail: 9.8 (3600 elevation gain)

 Trip Report:
- Don't Remember much from this trip, I was 10 years old and probably wishing I was playing football in the backyard
- What I do remember is my dad carrying my childhood dog and best friend Scarlet over a gap while descending some open rock ledges (see picture below)
- From the looks of the pictures it was a perfect autumn day with temps in the 60's and spectacular views of the Carter-Moriah range and Washington off in the distance!
- This will be a hike I'm looking foward to revisiting in 2010

North Baldface Summit
(Wildcat-Carter Range and Washington way off in the distance)

Lunch Break

My best friend Scarlet!

Descending the Baldface Circle Trail

My father helping a scared Scarlet over a gap on the open ledges

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