Tahoe to Oregon

Currently taking my second zero day in 1,100 miles in Ashland, Oregon. Northern California was mentally tough. It was hot, the terrain was mundane, there was poison oak everywhere, and the bees were much like seagulls at the beach trying to get into my food every time I tried to eat. Despite all this, walking the length of California was an incredible journey. Getting to experience the change in environments on a day to day basis was amazing as was the weather most of the time. Can't wait to see what the rest of this trail has in store!

 A few milestones crossed along the way :)

Out of the Sierra but there is still plenty of snow on the trail in spots for just a little bit longer

Heading through a valley where the trail looks like Yosemite again

Just Past Ebbets Pass (top) / fields of flowers past Tahoe (bottom) 

Heading into Lake Tahoe and taking a zero day to head into Nevada for some gambling :)

Aloha Lake

PCT is filled with breathtaking views around every corner 

A Sierra Club backcountry ski hut. The top door is the winter entrance, 2 story privy, summer entrance and winter entrance

Northern California at its finest

At a trail angel's house...a red tail hawk in rehabilitation, They also were rehabilitating this Kestrel.

The trail got narrow in spots and you never knew what you'd stumbled upon!

That would be a boiling springs pool behind the sign. It smelled like stinky eggs.

Beautiful stretch of boardwalk trail

Lassen Peak

A rather tall trail register!

Hat Creek Rim and tenting with cows!

The trail takes on a deserty feel again followed by volcanic rock

Shasta Peak!

Castle Crags...much more impressive than the Castellated Ridge in the Whites!

Shasta Peak at sunset

Burney Falls and giant lichen covered pines

Beautiful deep blue lake below a rugged mountain ridge

A curious chipmunk tries to jump into my pack!  Deer of Marble Valley roaming around and playing where we tented

Heading through some 'rolling' mountain hills past wild flowers as I head into Oregon


  1. Tell Whitney she needs to start carrying a pair of high heels so she can sign the trail registers! LOL

    1. Too bad she didn't have her crampons, that may have done the trick!!