Crazy Eights . . . 888th 'Official' New Hampshire 4,000 footer

Date of Hike: 12/12/15

Skookumchuck Trail: 4.1 miles  /  Garfield Ridge Trail:  0.8 miles /  Franconia Ridge Trail:  1.5 miles  /  Falling Waters Trail: 2.4 miles  /  Bushwhack:  1.7 miles  /  Liberty Springs Trail:  0.3 miles /  Basin Bushwhack:  0.4 miles  /  Pemi Bike Path: 7.5 miles
Total Miles 18.8 (4,772 feet elevation gained)

Trip Report:
- After filling in my mountain stats page after Saturday's hike I realized that I reached my 888th 'official' 4,000 foot peak in New Hampshire, Mount Lincoln.  Unfortunately I had no big views across the ridge but it was still a fun hike.  I ran into Baha and his dog Xena, who were hiking with their friend Jack.  On the summit of Lafayette I met fellow hiker David who was getting in a  quick hike up Lafayette.  After meeting David, I ran into Bill and Howard who were part of a group hike lead by Michael Blair (click here for more info on Random Group of Hikers).
- It's still absurdly warm for December in the mountains and it's looking like it's not going to be too much of a White Christmas in the region.  I took advantage of the warm conditions and lack of snow to travel an old logging/haul road from the bottom of the Falling Waters Trail, that I traveled south for 1.7 miles and was easy to follow.  I expected it to hook into the 'Basin Bushwhack,' but it ended up about 350 feet above it and spit me out at the Liberty Spring / Flume Slide trail junction.  From here I made the quick descent down to the bike path and enjoyed a long (7.5 mile) walk back to my Jeep while catching sunset as I passed by Cannon Mountain.

- The next day I drove down the street and did a nice little loop hike up, over, and down the Imp

Route for the day, (click here for details)

Even though it looks like winter, it was relatively warm

Some partial views into the Pemi as I approached Little Haystack

A nice cascade above Cloudland Falls

Cloudland Falls

Old logging/haul road

A nice easy bushwhack under just two miles between Falling Waters and Liberty Springs Trail

Liberty Spring / Flume Slide trail junction, and looking back at the logging/haul road

Walking the bike path by Cannon and Eagle cliffs

Where the Old Man on the Mountain once stood

 Echo Lake

They have the snowmobile signs up but no snow!

Crossing the old bridge on my way back to the Jeep

Imp Trail

Presidential Range for the Imp

Imp Trail

 ???? I have no idea what this little thing is!!  

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  1. Great meeting you up there Chris! Looks like you enjoyed the rest of your day! - David