Old Speck Mountain


Old Speck Trail: 7.3 miles (3,400 feet elevation gained)
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Trip Report:
 -  Sunday I drove from Gorham, NH over to Grafton Notch in Maine to hike Old Speck.  I hiked Old Speck back in September and decided it would be fun to hike it in the winter. 
- The trail is pretty steep in spots and even steeper if you hike the Eyebrow trail.  I decided to bypass the Eyebrow Trail because there was a lot of ice hidden under an inch or two of fluffy snow.
- The trail travels through open and then a thick pine forest and as you gain the ridge.  There are a few PUDS (pointless up and downs) along the way that are a butt-kicker on the way back down.
- I wore my snowshoes for the hike up.  The aggressive crampons on them came in very handy in a few spots as the hidden ice was tricky in spots.
- Just before gaining the ridge I ran into two girls enjoying the hike up in the winter conditions.  Snow was falling throughout the whole hike making it very enjoyable even though there were no views.
- Just before gaining the ridge near the Mahoosuc Trail Junction and then over to the summit tower is the only time the snowshoes came in handy as there was some drifted built up snow.
- At the summit I changed into dry layers, switched out the snowshoes for microspikes, and blitzed down the mountain making sure to throttle down when I came across any steep sections where I figured there would be hidden ice lurking.
- I made it back to the car just after 1 p.m. and drove back to Gorham in time to watch the Patriots get crushed by the Broncos in the AFC championship game.  The only good news about the loss was after the game the bars were empty so I was able to have a cold beer and a yummy dinner at Mr. Pizza!

 Old Speck Trail, through the woods is the Eyebrow
 This is a frozen over cascade / brook.  The previous warm temperatures opened up the ice and created a flow leaving a road like passage.
 Old Speck Trail near the Eyebrow Trail junction
 Old Speck Trail
 A little pine tree blanketed in snow
 Gaining the ridge
 Old Speck Summit Tower
 Old Speck Summit
 Old Speck Trailhead in Grafton Notch (Appalachian Trail)
 The Jeep looks good in the snow!
Hike information.  Click here for more details.  As you can see it got turned back on as I drove away!

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