Foliage Hikes: Tecumseh and the Welch - Dickey Loop

Date of Hike: 9/22/13

Mount Tecumseh Trail: 5.0 miles  /  Welch-Dickey Loop: 4.4 miles
Total Miles: 9.4 (4,050 feet elevation gain)

Trip Report
- After spending a night in my tent in driving rain and high winds Sunday looked to be a washout in Twin Mountain so I headed south to Waterville Valley where there was a mix of clouds and sun.
- I decided to head for a quick hike up Mount Tecumseh followed by a Welch-Dickey Loop to catch some views.  Every year since 2009 I attempt to hike all 48 - 4,000 footers in a calendar year and I noticed I hadn't hiked up the 'Mighty' Tecumseh yet so I was happy to revisit one of the easiest of the 4K's
- I arrived at the trailhead located at the Waterville Valley ski area around 10:30 a.m. and was surprised to see not one other car in the lot.  The temperature was hovering around 60 degrees down low and in the 50's up top.  Someone has cut down the tops of a few pine trees at the summit creating good views from the Tri's to the Sandwich Range.  I'm pretty sure this was an illegal cut so that's a bummer but I did enjoy the new view.
- As I descended I ran into about a dozen hikers coming up and a couple of very friendly dogs!
- Back at the parking lot I packed my gear and drove off and realized I left camera #2 on the back bumper, ugh, it was smashed up pretty good but I pieced it back together with some duct tape and it worked!  I wasn't too upset as it's my back up camera.
- Next I drove over to do my friend Lee Emery's favorite hike, the Welch-Dickey Loop.  I saw a few hikers and dogs as I made my way to the first ledges.  The sun was out and views were terrific, you get a lot of bang for not much effort with the Welch Dickey Loop.  What makes this a fun trail is there are a bunch of rock slabs sections of trail which are fun to walk up and have tremendous views from.
- I didn't run into another hiker from the first ledges until descending from Dickey Mountain.  It's a really great hike and the terrain is different than most trails in the whites because of the amount of rock slab.  Most exposed trails are boulders and small slab.  Welch-Dickey is a big mountain of slab like you see in the Adirondacks.
- For beginner hikers this is a great little mountain to explore!

Trail info at the start of the Mount Tecumseh Trail 
Fallen foliage on the Mount Tecumseh Trail
Tecumseh Brook 
 Tecumseh Trail outlook, Waterville Valley Ski Trails
 Nice rock and mossy formations along the Mount Tecumseh Trail
 Excellent rock steps along the trail
 New view from the summit of Mount Tecumseh
 The Osceola's
 The Tripyramids
 Waterville Valley
 Looking off toward the Sandwich Wilderness (I think)
 Waterville Valley Ski Area
 Welch-Dickey Trail, this tree seems to make a lasting impression
 Welch-Dickey stay on the trail kiosk
 Welch-Dickey Trail
 Dogs on Welch Mountain!
 Welch Mountain
 Play Time!
 The Sandwich Range
 Looking down some rock slab on the Welch-Dickey Loop Trail
 Sandwich Range
 Looks like and old ski area
 Sandwich Range
 Heading up to Welch Mountain
 The Tripyramids
 Cliffs of Dickey Mountain
 Dickey Mountain from the Welch Mountain summit
 Welch-Dickey Trail
 Looking back to Welch Mountain
 Welch-Dickey Trail
 Beautiful open slab with great views below Dickey Mountain
 Hiking along a cliff of rock slab on Dickey Mountain
Welch-Dickey Trail 
Back in the old forest on the Welch-Dickey Trail 
 Old cellar near the trailhead
Jeep Bad-Ass!!

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