Huntington Ravine

Tuckerman Ravine Trail
Huntington Ravine Trail
Cutler River
Raymond Path / Huntington Ravine Trail Junction
Huntington Ravine Trail, the floor of the ravine.  Notice the new growth pine trees lining the trail!
Ravine headwall from the floor of the ravine
Albert Down First Aid Cache
Huntington Ravine, The Fan is the boulder field, above it is Pinnacle and Central Gully 
The Fan, with Pinnacle and Central Gully
Huntington Ravine Trail, it winds through car and house sized boulders in the woods below the fan.
Huntington Ravine Trail, over and under boulders
The Fan, the trail enters the left side and goes diagonally across it
Hiking across the Fan
Pinnacle Gully
Huntington Ravine Trail after the fan heading to the first scramble, notice how overgrown this section is.
Pinnacle Gully
Black Eyed Susans (I think) just below first scramble 
Bottom of first scramble. There's a yellow blaze and a white arrow in the pic.
First Scramble, notice the white arrow pictured up and to the left
First Scramble
First Scramble, probably the trickiest section, you have to climb up then across some slab
Looking down the first scramble, notice the wet part, this usually is not there, it was slimy and slick
Huntington Ravine
Top of first scramble
Looking down the first scramble
Slick section on the first scramble
Slick section
Second Scramble, still steep but can be walked up with minimal hand holds
Second Scramble
Looking down the second scramble
Wildcat and Carter Range
Wildcat Ski area
'Diagonal Scramble' trail goes across this crack
'Diagonal Scramble' notice the double arrow
'Diagonal Scramble'
Huntington Ravine Trail
Huntington Ravine Trail
Huntington Ravine Trail, looking down the chimney section.  It's a fifteen foot climb but lots of handholds
Huntington Ravine Trail
Top of Ravine
Alpine Garden / Huntington Ravine Trail Junction
Alpine Garden
Top of the Ravine
Top of Huntington Ravine


  1. Your pictures have convinced me to hike this! Headed up Saturday! Thank you for the excellent pictures and documentation, very helpful!

    1. Thanks Amy. I'm glad you liked the pics and are heading up there to hike it. Huntington Ravine Trail is a great place to hike. Enjoy your hike and be safe!