Nelson Crag and Moutn Washington Summit

Nelson Crag Trail, with Wildcat Ski area across the Pinkham Notch
Alpine Garden, one of the finest sections of alpine hiking, lots of flowers blooming through there in June
Nelson Crag Trail, travels over a jumbled odd sized rocks and boulders on it's way to Washington over the 'Ball Crag'
Nelson Crag Trail, the Auto Road mile seven (I think) is pictured to the left
Nelson Crag Trail, up to Mount Washington's summit
Mount Washington Observatory and the Cog Railway tracks
Nelson Crag Trail, looking at Ball Crag.  This picture is taken at the Auto Road
Cog Railroad, with Mount Clay and Jefferson
Lizzie Bourne Memorial, she was the first documented case of someone dying on the mountain.  She was a teenager, they ran into cold weather and bad visibility and could not find the summit which was just a couple hundred feet away.  The group laid down for the night in the elements but she did not make it and succumbed to hypothermia.
Mount Washington summit and the weather observation tower
Northern Presidential Range, Jefferson, Adams, Madison
Observation deck and weather tower
The Cog chugging its way up the tracks with Mount Clay
The Cog.  The first train up for the day is always the coal train.  It's not run as much for efficiency reasons
The Cog with Jefferson, Adams, and Monroe
The Cog and Mount Jefferson
The Cog and Mount Jefferson
The Cog and the Mount Washington summit flats
The Cog and Mount Jefferson
The Cog and Mount Jefferson and Adams
The Cog slowly making its way to the summit
The Cog and the Northern Presidential Range
The Cog and Mount Adams
The Cog
The Cog and a big plume of smoke
Along the Cog Railway Tracks

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