Middle and North Sugarloaf

Date of Hike: 10/7/12

Sugarloaf Trail: 3.5 miles (1,000 feet elevation gain)

Trip Report:
- On Sunday Alton and I headed up to do a quick hike before meeting Friends for lunch. The weather forecast was gloomy but the clouds were high enough to provide some great views. We decided to head over to Zealand Road to Middle and North Sugarloaf Mountains.
- The colors of all the leaves while hiking through the woods were vivid making the hike through the woods fun and beautiful to the col between Middle and North Sugarloaf.
- This is a perfect hike for beginners, the whole hike is only 3.5 miles and you are rewarded with outstanding views from wide open summit ledges of Middle and North Sugarloaf (Middle Sugarloaf being the better of the two).
- From the summits you have incredible views of Twin Mountain, Zealand Valley, the Presidential Range, a unique view of Mount Tom and Field, as well as Hale.
- We were lucky to beat the crowds to the summit, only three other hikers along the way, as we descended we ran into well over two dozen hikers. If you plan on doing this mountain get to the trailhead before 9:00 a.m. so you can enjoy the summits all to yourself!
 Sugarloaf Trail
 Alton goofing around on a huge split boulder
 Foliage blanket
 Sugarloaf Trail to Middle Sugarloaf
 Ladder Steps below Middle Sugarloaf
 Presidential Range from Middle Sugarloaf Summit Ledges
 Mount Hale
 Zealand Valley
 Presidential Range
Presidential Range 
 Mount Tom and Field
 On the Summit of Middle Sugarloaf
 North Twin Mountain
 Mount Hale
 Alton enjoying the Foliage
 Hello Autumn!
 North Sugarloaf
 Twin Mountain
 North Twin Mountain
 Summit Ledges of Middle Sugarloaf
 Mount Washington
 Mount Jefferson
 Sugarloaf Trail (Middle Branch)
 Sugarloaf Trail to North Sugarloaf
 Middle Sugarloaf and Mount Hale
 Presidential Range from North Sugarloaf
 Presidential Range
 Alton taking in the beautiful scenery
 Summit of North Sugarloaf
 Alton relaxing on North Sugarloaf
 Middle Sugarloaf, Mount Hale, and North Twin Mountain
North Twin Mountain
 Zealand Valley and Mount Tom and Field
Mount Martha, The Humps??
 Middle Sugarloaf, Mount Hale
 Summit of North Sugarloaf
 Middle / North Sugarloaf Junction
 Sugarloaf Split Rock!
 Snow Mobile Trail and Mount Hale
 Zealand River
 Trestle / Sugarloaf Trailhead
 Sugarloaf / Trestle Trailhead parking

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