Date of Hike: 2/26/12

Gale River Road: 1.6 miles
Gale River Trail: 4.1 miles
Garfield Ridge Trail: 0.8 miles
Frost Trail: 0.5
Backtrack: 7.0 miles
Total Miles: 14.0 (Elevation gain 2,600 feet)
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Trip Report:
- I tagged along for another hike in someone else's quest for their 48 - 4,000 footers.  Today it was Kenny who needed Galehead after being turned around just few tenths of a mile from the summit last winter.  Alton and Kenny's son Max were along for the hike as well.
- Luckily this winter has been very easy to bag any summit on the list even after Friday's snow storm which was minor league by mountain standards.
- The trail had been broken out the day before so unfortunately we didn't get to add any fun to what is generally considered a very easy but very boring hike.  The Gale River Trail no longer has two river crossings because of the trail relocation after Hurricane Irene and I'm pretty sure this adds a tenth of a mile or more to the hike, I preferred the water crossings, made it interesting!
- It finally looked like winter in the mountains and parts of the Garfield Ridge Trail leading up to Galehead Hut had some decent snow drifts but still snowshoes were not a necessity.
- Views from Galehead Hut up to the Twin Range and down into the Pemigewasset Wilderness were perfect as there were no clouds in the sky.
- The hike up to Galehead was pretty easy, we didn't put on snowshoes although if I was solo hiking I would have put them on but with four of us we beat down the trail and broke it out solid.
- The Hike out was the usual trudge downhill, the last section of the Gale River Trail seems to go on forever, however the road walk went by quickly.
- It was another nice hike in the White Mountains although I'm in need for a 12 hour 25 plus mile suffer-fest ASAP!

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 Gale River Road
 Gale River Trail
 Galehead Hut and South Twin as seen from the Frost Trail Outlook
Frost Trail

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