Another Classic Franconia Ridge Loop

Falling Waters Trail: 3.4 miles
Franconia Ridge Trail: 1.7 miles
Greenleaf Trail: 3.4 miles
Pemi Bike Bath: 2.0 miles
Total Miles: 10.5 (3,900 elevation gain)
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Trip Report:
- My friend from my days at the "College of the Quinnipiac University" Tom Diaz came up for his second annual two day hiking trip in the White Mountains.
- With great weather forecast for the weekend it was the perfect opportunity to do one of the best hikes in the White Mountains, the classic Franconia Ridge Traverse!
- We got on the trail early to beat the crowds and had a fun hike up the always fun Falling Waters Trail with a pit stop along the way to check out Shining Rock.
- Once breaking above treeline we were greeted with some pretty gusty winds that were a blast to hike in and knocked us off balance on top of Lincoln for a few seconds.
- As we approached the summit of Mount Lafayette a pretty cool undercast came rushing in making for some pretty killer views.
- On the summit of Lafayette we got out of the wind and took a nice long break to have had lunch while a group of teenages above us set up a tarp, played some music, had an inflatable pool float, and some had pajamas on. Don't know what they were up to but they were having a fun time!
- The hike down to Greenleaf Hut went pretty fast and as we descended towards the undercast it passed through and everything was clear below us again, perfect timing!
- At the hut we decided to continue along the Greenleaf Trail instead of Old Bridle Path. Greenleaf Trail is lightly used compared to Old Bridle Path so it's a quieter hike but other than a small section that passes under Eagle Cliff there are no views.
- With about a half mile to go on the Greenleaf Trail we left the trail and dropped down to the bike path to cut off about a mile worth of hiking and then enjoyed the nice smooth walk back to the car along the Pemi Bike/Walking Trail.

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 Stairs Falls
 Diaz holding onto his hat in the high wind
 Classic Franconia Ridge shot!
Mount Lafayette Summit

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  1. I hiked there on Sept 9-10 2011 and I also saw a group of kids wearing pajamas.