Mount Tecumseh & Franconia Falls

Date of Hike: 6/26/11

Mount Tecumseh Trail: 2.5 miles
Sosman Trail: 0.5 miles
Ski Trails (Scramble / Sun Run / No Grit / Oblivion / Upper Valley Run / Valley Run): 2.5 miles
Total Miles: 5.5 miles 2,300 (elevation gain)

Lincoln Woods / Franconia Falls Trail: 6.5 miles

Trip Report:
- With crummy weather forecast and not really motivated to get up early for a long drive followed by a hike with no views I decided I would hike up Mount Tecumseh in the morning and then head over to Lincoln Woods to check out Franconia Falls in the afternoon.
- There was only one car at the trailhead when I arrived at 10am, but when I finished at 12pm there were twenty cars.
- The Mount Tecumseh Trail is in great shape and was a breeze to hike, I ran into a couple at the last Tecumseh Brook crossing and then saw two guys painting the shed beneath the transmission tower.
- I hiked a variety of ski trails down and my pants got completely soaked from the grass.  Hiking down ski trails is fun but really hurts your feet.
- I saw a deer on the lower part of the Valley Run Ski Trail.
- Back at the car I headed north and made my way to Lincoln Woods and started off towards the Franconia Falls Trail.
- Lincoln Woods Trail was so boring (as always) that I thought I was going to fall asleep while walking!
- I hooked onto the Franconia Falls Trail and walked past the old campsites as I made my way to the falls.
- The Falls weren't much, actually all I saw were large rocks with some water. really it's kind of a big let down but it's pretty back there.
- The trail abruptly end with a sign that says "End of Trail" from here the Fisherman's Herd Path continues for those heading to Owl's Head wanting to bypass the stream crossings on the Franconia and Liberty Brook Trail.
- The hike back went quickly and I packed up my car and headed north to set up camp and get a good nights sleep for the next day's "Double Presidential Range Traverse" attempt.

Pictures: Click here for all pictures

 Tecumseh Brook
 Open Today???  I don't think so!
 Deer checking me out
Nice swimming hole above Franconia Falls

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