Mount Avalon, Field, Tom, & Willey

Date of Hike: 11/21/09

Avalon Trail: 2.8 miles
Willey Range Trail: 2.5 miles
Ethan Pond Trail: 5.6 miles
A-Z Trail: 3.0 miles
Mount Tom Spur: 1.2 miles
A-Z Trail: 1.0 miles
Avalon Trail: 1.3 miles
Total Miles: 17.1 (4850 Elevation gain)

Trip Report:
- Left RI at 4am, on trail at 7:15am, finished at 3:30 pm
- Temps in the lows 30's to mid 40's, cloudy day, windy above 4,000 feet.  All trails were a wet mess from the previous days rain
- Avalon trail becomes very steep and rocky after A-Z trail junction.  Mount Avalon summit probably has some excellent views into Crawford Notch but visibility was at about 100 feet on this day
- Ethan Pond trail (AT) is in very good shape and between the Willey Range trail and Thoureau Pond trail is lined with bog bridges everywhere, probably over 200 of them!
- Ethan Pond is pretty big and the campsite is pretty cool, the shelter however is very old and crappy, the floor boards are at an angle. 
- Lots of cub-scouts heading up to Zealand Falls Hut, they were all soaked and jumped in every puddle they could find!
- A-Z trail between Zealand and Mount Tom is very boring and the ferns need to be trimmed back off the trail
- Added to summit cairns on Willey and Tom
- Everyone I run into pronounces Willey differently, some pronounce it as Why-lee others pronounce it Will-E like the penguin "Chilly Willy"...I looked it up and it's pronounced like the penguin!

Pictures: Click here for all pictures

Mount Willey Summit

Ethan Pond Trail

Ethan Pond Shelter

Zealand Pond

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