Mexico Border, Mile 0, to Mile 210 (Lake Fire Closure)

 Starting out at the Mexican border in Campo, California!

The trail is almost all dirt and sand, much more forgiving on the feet than the Appalachian Trail which Whitney hiked in 2014.

 The first seven hundred miles is desert hiking, it can get extremely hot so an umbrella hooked up to the backpack is essential to stay shaded from the punishing sun

Whitney's gaiters and trail runners are no match for the sand which makes its way into her shoes then turns into a muddy paste as her feet sweat! 

End of day one heading into Lake Morena

 Day two starts off a misty and windy morning

Well that makes things a little more interesting!

Cloudy along the PCT but sunny down in the valley

The weather clears off and the trail is beautiful around every corner!

 Day three, another cold but sunny day as the shadows rise up from the valley floor

What a breathtaking trail to hike along 

 In past years there was barely any rain and most of the vegetation was dormant, this year there has been plenty of rain over the winter months revealing a lush green floor in the valleys below the high rising mountains

After a great weather day, Whitney settles in at a very picturesque campsite

Day Four, "Mile 56. It's still mother f***ing cold but at least the sun is out! This trail is unbelievably beautiful and yes the desert is cold!"

 Day four, starts off cool but it's dry and as soon as the clouds and shadows slip away the sun starts to heat things up quickly

Into the great wide open!

Just sharing the road with a couple of cows!

When extreme heat comes through, Whitney and her trail family takes a siesta in the early afternoon to save energy

After the siesta they set out again to get some more miles in the late afternoon shade

 Day five, passing by mile 100!

Eagle Rock, what an awesome natural formation of boulders

Day Six, hiking along one of the more lusher parts of the trail where green is more prevalent.

Mikes place, he makes great pizza!

 Day seven, passing by one of the much needed and appreciated water caches in the desert

After a long day of hiking Whitney and her trail family makes it to the highways and road walks to Paradise Valley Cafe...

"Week 1 on the PCT: 152 miles. Burger time"

Day eight and nine - Approaching one of the first trail closure as they head into Idyllwild

Day ten - Zero Day, "I'm winning the tan line competition."

 Day eleven, heading up to San Jacnito Peak

Snow!  Whitney and the gang makes their way up above 10,000 feet for the first time

View from the summit of San Jacnito Peak

Tip-Toe Tops Ten Thousand Feet!

Fuller Ridge

Undercast slowly creeping into the valley below

 Day twelve, a beautiful sunrise from camp

Early morning undercast!

Day thirteen, passing by mile 200!

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  1. Whitney - always so amazed at your gift for photography with so little equipment! These are gorgeous, and it is wonderful to see your smiling face and get a sense of your views. Chris, thanks for sharing all of these!