Big Bear to Wrightwood : 103 miles to PCT Mile 369

 Camping in and hiking through Deep Creek and its canyon

Deep Creek Hot Spring.  "It was nice to soak in the hot water and swim in the cold creek. There was a slack line and a rope swing too!"

Bridge over Deep Creek and hiking out of the canyon

You never know what you'll see around the next corner.  This time it was a damn...with no water!

Sunset and sunrise from Silverwood Lake

 Hiking along the beautiful Silverwood Lake

The hike into Wrightwood for a much desevered zero day.  "We hiked 11 miles through a wet cloud and then finally broke through to the sunshine (it was still ridiculously windy and very cold...just below 9,000 feet)."

2296 miles to go...and now there's tarantulas and rattle snakes in the trail!!!

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