Sgt. Pepper!!!  AKA Professor Biscuit(s)

Whitney and I got a puppy recently, so trip reports might be lacking for the foreseeable future!  Sgt. Pepper, who we call Sarge, is a Goldendoodle, that is a Golden Retriever - Poodle mix.  Whitney grew up with Standard Poodles, and I grew up with Golden Retrievers, so this is a perfect match for us.  We brought him home on Saturday, August 5th, he is almost nine weeks old, and is a very affectionate and happy puppy, who loves to be outside in the yard.  He should grow to be about 60lbs and will be a great hiking dog when he is fully grown, until then it will be play time in the yard, learning commands, and being brought to the park to get used to dogs and people :)

 Lounging around!

Playing with monkey

Exploring the yard

Snuggling with Whitney :) 

 Checking out the garden

Leaping for joy!



  1. Looks just like my doodle did when she was a babe (and now she's 11)! I lived in Vermont while I went to law school, and we hiked the 4000 footers in NH and VT--many of them multiple times. She loves the mountains and was a perfect hiking/backpacking companion. One word of caution/advice: watch those paws, particularly on the Presidentials. We did a Presi traverse, and my girl's paws were raw by the end from all of the rough granite rocks. I felt so badly about it. Her foot pads have never fully recovered. Hiking booties are necessary for longer trips.

    1. Hi Emily, that is terrific you and your dog got to do all that hiking in NH and VT! Thanks for the words of caution with the Presi's, my parents had Golden Retrievers that hiked and would only do one or two of the Presi Peaks at a time because of how tough it was on the dogs pads, we plan to watch his pads very carefully when out hiking, especially above treeline :)