Into the White: Mount Lafayette

Date of Hike:  12/28/13

Old Bridle Path  / Greenleaf Trail:  7.6 miles (3,400 feet elevation gained)
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Trip Report:
- With the lack of snow in the Adirondacks I decided to hold off heading back up to the High Peaks until the big snow returned.  I had no plans to hike until Kelsey invited me to do a classic Franconia Ridge Loop with Jack Puppy, Kristina (AKA Dangergirl, click here for her trail running site), and Kristina's mountain biking and ultra-running friend from Connecticut, Jane.
-  We started hiking on the Old Bridle Path just after 9:30 a.m. with Jane and Kristina setting a blazing pace.  It was very impressive to see them effortlessly ascend the agonies and it was fun chasing them up to Greenleaf Hut!  We caught some fading views below us to the south leading out of Franconia Notch.  Unfortunately, the higher elevations were blanketed in clouds.
- When we reached the hut we all layered up for the hike above treeline.  The weather reports called for high winds and cloud cover above treeline with a chance of snow. The wind did pick up as soon as we reached treeline, I would guess a steady 25 mph with 35 mph gusts.  It would blow the snow around and hit us in the face at times but there were never any issues of following the trail even with the cairn to cairn low visibility.  Just before the summit we turned around because Jack's fur was freezing up and his eyes were forced shut.  It was a wise move as we were also getting a little to spread out and the last thing we wanted was Kelsey to bang a left at the summit and roam around the dreaded Garfield Ridge Trail!
- The decent back to the car was a fast one, we ran into a dozen or so hikers heading down and up.  There was a lot of activity on the ridge Saturday and lots of hikers had a great  winter experience on the ridge!
- After the hike we headed to the Common Man in Ashland to warm up and have a well deserved drink and some yummy food.  It was great day out in the Whites and it was nice of the girls to let me tag along!

 Jack Puppy leads the way
 Old Bridle Path
 Shining Rock!
 Jane and Kristina take the lead
 Kelsey taking on Agony Ridge
 The Agonies
 Kelsey heading up the short steep burst section
 View out of Franconia Ridge
 Nice purple and pink sky hovering over the White Mountains
 Lonesome Lake
 Greenleaf Hut
 Kelsey breaks above treeline
 Jane and Kristina on Greenleaf Trail
 Great visibility!
 Kristina motoring up the trail
 Kelsey, "Hey guys, I have a question!"
 Jane battle the wind and pushes through it
 Is this looking up or down??!!
 Sniffin' butts!
 Jack, Kristina, me, Jane
 There is nobody home!
 Actions shot down the steeps
 Sun shining through on Lincoln, NH
 Picture time!
 Lil' Birch Glade
 When you pass this rock you're almost home
 Walker Brook
OBP / FW Trailhead


  1. Great report thanks much! Was your whole trip in trail spikes? I just read another report on other site from 21st, claimed snowshoes all the way up and still sinking in 4". Doesn't look like that from your pics - and great pics they are..

    1. Hi Chris!

      Glad you like the pictures and report. We used microspikes the whole hike because the snow that was there on the 21st had mostly melted. However, there was a snowstorm on Sunday night and another one coming through tomorrow so snowshoes will probably be needed again really soon.

      Have a great hike!