And Then There Was One: Twins & Galehead for Whitney's 45, 46, 47th Peaks

North Twin Trail: 4.3 miles  /  North Twin Spur: 1.3 miles  /  Twinway: 0.8 miles  /  Frost Trail: 1.0 miles  /  Garfield Ridge Trail: 0.6 miles  /  Gale River Trail: 4.1 miles
Total Miles: 12.1 (3,650 feet elevation gained)

Trip Report:
- Whitney had planned to hike the Twins and Galehead five previous times, but because of snow, rain, sleet, crummy weather for views she had yet to get out there.  The weather forecast called for clearing, so the sixth time was the charm!
- We had planned to meet at the Gale River Trailhead at 8:30, drive over to the North Twin Trailhead and be on the trail for 9:00 a.m.  However, we were both a half hour early and got a jump on hiking and hit the trail around 8:30.
- The weather called for high winds, but they were never that bad as we hiked through the woods to North Twin.  We bypassed the first two water crossings and took the well defined herd path.  The crossings were low but I wanted to point out to Whitney the location to the start of the Fire Warden's Trail up to mount Hale.  At the third crossing we balanced our way across the downed tree over the Little River and to the other side and then started the long uphill climb to North Twin.
- Unfortunately, our half hour early start meant we just missed views from North Twin and South Twin as the thick clouds didn't clear off until descending South Twin. 
- We did see some partial clearing on South Twin which was pretty cool.  At South Twin summit we got out of the wind and had lunch before heading down the Twinway to the Galehead Hut.
- The Galehead Hut is the furthest hut away from the trailhead for any of the huts.  It's one of my favorites because of the little benches out front.  We sat on the benches before and after hitting the summit of Galehead and warmed up in the sun and relaxed.  There wasn't much activity going on, only a couple of hikers milling around and the hut crew.
- The hike back down to the car was a nice one.  Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees so the colors now blanket the trail.  It looks really pretty but also hides small roots and rocks making for some ankle twisters if you're not paying attention.
- All in all it was a nice little hike and even though we missed the views during the first half of our hike we caught them on the second half of the hike as the sun shined over the White Mountains!
- The hike marked my twentieth time on South Twin, all since June of 2009, I guess it's one of my favorites!

 North Twin Trailhead
 A big hole where the North Twin trail sign is supposed to be
 North Twin Trail
 Where the junction for the 'defunct' Mount Hale Trail, AKA Fire Warden's Trail is 
 North Twin Trail
 Approaching the summit of North Twin
 North Twin Spur / North Twin Trail Junction
 Whitney checking out the views!
 North Twin Spur
 View from South Twin Summit
 South Twin Summit area
 Pemigewasset Wilderness from the Galehead Hut
 Galehead Hut
 Galehead Hut and North Twin
 South Twin
 Galehead Mountain
 Gale River
 Gale River Trail: Re-route goes left, old trail goes right
 Reason for the re-route
 Nice wooden steps and a little bog bridge on the Gale River Trail
 Foliage Blanket
 Whitney on the final section of the Gale River Trail
 Small tributary brook
Gale River Trail sign missing as well.


  1. Thanks for this trip report and pictures ! Looking to do the twins and galehead next summer :) WISH I could get back up there this year in the fall, but it's not to be. Love your reports !!
    fyi I work in Hamden CT and live in Branford CT.

    1. Thanks Wendy! Enjoy your hike out to the Twins next summer, hope you guys get a great day and are able to enjoy lounging around on South Twin summit.

      That is great that you work in Hamden and live in Branford. Hamden will always be my second home, love the area :)