Mount Moosilauke: Rainy Day Moose

Date of Hike: 8/9/13

Asquam Ridge: 3.9 miles  /  Beaver Brook: 1.9 miles  / Gorge Brook: 3.7 miles
Total Miles: 9.5, (2,600 feet elevation gain)

Trip Report
- I met up with Alton, Cole, and Tim for a quick rainy day hike up Mount Moosilauke.  We took the Asquam-Ridge Trail to Beaver Brook up to the summit.  There were no views to be had but still it was a pretty cool feeling to be above treeline and have the mountain all to ourselves as we summited the round open summit. The winds were whipping pretty good on the summit, as is the norm for Moose, luckily it was just spitting rain out so it wasn't too bad.  Tim found a spot out of the wind so we hunkered down, had a bite to eat, and relaxed until it got too chilly and we headed down the Gorge Brook Trail.
- The decent was a lot of fun.  Tim talked about his farm and we chatted about bushwhacks and abandoned trails.  Meanwhile Cole, AKA Fancy Pants kept running up and down the trail in and out of the woods.
- The hike out went quickly as rain poured down upon us.  Alton slipped and fell with all of her weight landing on her hand.  Alton, who has the highest pain threshold I know, shook it off but said, "It kind of hurts." Hours later she went to the urgent care and found out it was fractured and less than 24 hours later she would compete in her hometown triathlon and come in 5th!

 Baker River
 Asquam-Ridge Trail
 Asquam-Ridge Trail near Mount Jim
 Snack Time!
 Flooded Beaver Brook Trail
Heading up to the summit


  1. I almost asked if you wanted to tag along with us last weekend not knowing you did it recently. I'm thinking of heading up weekend after Labor Day.

    1. I'll be in Baxter for vacation Labor Day week, should be back in the Whites by Friday night the 6th. I'll send you a text to see what you're hiking on the Saturday and maybe tag along!