Mount Hale & the Sugarloafs: All 'Hale' to the Dogs

Date of Hike:

Hale Brook Trail: 4.4 Miles  /  Sugarloaf Trail: 3.4 miles
Total Miles: 7.8 (3,400 feet elevation gain)

Trip Report:
- Alton, Cole, and I met up with Kat and her German Shepard Murphy at the Hale Brook Trail for a quick hike up Mount Hale.
- Cole and Murphy had a fun time running up and down the Hale Brook Trail.  The Hale Brook Trail isn't an exciting trail, no views and it's in the woods the whole way so it was fun to have the dogs around to entertain us.  The trail is never steep and the footing is good compared to most trails so it's a easy hike for bagging a 4,000 foot summit.
- We took a nice long break on the summit enjoying the open but wooded summit where the fire tower used to be before heading down back to the car.
- At the car, Kat and Murphy took off, while Alton, Cole, and I headed to the Sugarloafs.
- The Sugarloafs are a great hike for families.  It's a 3.4 mile hike with great views from the open ledges on the summits of both Middle and North Sugarloaf.  The trail is in great shape and easy to follow and should be checked out if you are thinking of trying out hiking for the first time!
- We took a long break on the summits and took lots of pics, Cole has turned out to be an incredible hiking dog and I enjoy having him on our adventures :)

 Hale Brook Trailhead
 Hale Brook Trailhead
 Cole walking softly and carrying a big stick!
 Play Time!
 Cole chasing Murphy out of Hale Brook
 Hale Brook Trail
 Hale Brook
 Mount Hale Summit
 Hale Brook Trail
 Mount Hale Summit
 Fire Wardens Trail
 Summit of Mount Hale
 Animal Cruelty!
 Old fire tower junk
 Alton's 'Psycho Therapist' knee highs
 Playing with pray flags
 Cole and Murphy running around the summit
 Hale Brook Trail
 Nom, nom, nom...
 Hale Brook
 'Mushroom shelf'
Hale Brook Trail 
 Looking for a ride
 Cole, licking his chops
 Willy Range from Middle Sugarloaf
 Alton and Cole
 Zealand Valley
 South Sugarloaf and Mount Hale
 Checking out the views
 Sugarloaf Trail just below Middle Sugarloaf
 Zealand Valley
 A nice little pond off Zealand Road
 North Twin Mountain
 Presidential Range from North Sugarloaf
 Split Rock on Sugarloaf Trail
Sugarloaf Trail

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